1. Thank you–your up up down down plan worked to get me to the screen where I chose between netflix and netflix kids and it worked from there–on a Philips Blu Ray. I did not realize that it is such an effort to get Netflix to work –we just started. I hope it works again–what I am wondering is if I do not turn Blu-Ray off at the end of the show if it will remain there in the spot for the next time–going to try that instead of wasting all this time. Many many thank yous.

    1. My issue was also fixed. But I am stuck getting Canadian Netflix on my Panasonic Blu-Ray player. Every time I setup the DNS to auto, it keeps giving me an error message. the & fixes the issue. Just stuck on the Canada Netflix.
      Blockless though, works on all my other devices including my Wii, PC’s and BlackBerry 10’s no problem.
      Wish Panasonic can resolve there buggy firmware issues.

  2. Old post, but this totally worked on my LG smart DVD player. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for still having the information available, worked like a charm on a Panasonic DMP-BD89!

  4. you are right, I did just what you said and my Netflix came right on after 2 days,thanks a lot Gene

  5. Thank you for the knowledge. My problem was throttling by my monopolizing ISP I went into my router internet settings and changed the ISP server and DNS server from their default auto dynamic setting from the ISP, to using the routers primary and secondary options. Used the auto connection settings on my Sony blu-ray. and I had access to the internet again and every site, Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, etc.
    What initially was happening prior to this fix was that the player and router recognized each other so I was connected to the network, but once I tried to use Pandora or Netflix through the player is disconnected from the internet. All other wireless devices in the house, Ipod, Ipad, printer, radio, didnt have this issue. They worked just fine. Awesome assistance! Thank you

  6. Changed DNS settings like you said, worked immediately! Customer service no help at Netflix…Thanks!

  7. SO glad I found this! Thank you! fixed the Wii connection to Netflix immediately.

  8. A new firmware update for my Panasonic DMP-BDT210 fixed my Netflix connectivity issues.

  9. my 2 laptob are not going at all on the nexflix page to logine as soon I try to go and will say this page cant be displayed…. ????? try to resart have no clue nomore

  10. You are the best :-). I’ve had weeks of frustration and all helpdesks failed to find and solve the problem, but your option 4 did the trick. Thanks a lot!

  11. Resetting dns worked for me on a Sony Bravia. Tnx a lot!

  12. Can’t thank you enough for your detailed instructions! After weeks of frustration with two Samsung BRPs, fixed both with option #4 in less than 5 minutes.

  13. thank you ao much i got my netflix to wrok on my t.v i am going to give out your website for other people that is having trouble with it. five star rating from me

  14. Thank you! Netflix was no help. Changing DNS server worked!

  15. My Netflix won’t play have a pop up box saying try again will pop up every 5 to 10 minutes can’t watch anything …please help

  16. I just changed my plan to 4 tv’s and I could only see on 3 tv’s what do I have to do to see all four at once

  17. for people with vizio tv’s and having problems logging in connectiong to neflix , do a full factory reset..did it last night worked like a charm..

  18. I have a Pioneer HTZ-BD32 Bluray home theater system, and I noticed my apps (Netflix, Pandora, YouTube) were acting a bit “glitchy,” so I upgraded the firmware as directed and now none of the apps load even though the internet connection is confirmed. I attempted all the options above plus a “Load Default” option on the menu. Nothing worked. Seriously stumped. Pioneer customer service asked me to send them the entire unit, but it’s no longer under warranty. Is there any way to perform a full factory reset? Is it normal for a $500 system to fail after just over a year? Than you so much.

  19. Life Saver for my LG Blu Ray player…Netflix was absolutely of no kind of assistance! Thanks a mil!

  20. up, down…worked perfectly, thanks!

  21. We cant use the computor and watch netflix at the same time??? Using a Roku – is this normal???

  22. Many thanks. Viera TV app stopped working for no obvious reason but changing DNS setting fixed it straight away.

  23. Thank you very much @geekiestwoman! It worked!

  24. Viera TV app for Netflix just stopped working. Changing the DNS was the solution. Many thanks.

  25. Thank you! I have a Panasonic Blu Ray device that stopped working and Netflix was no help at all. For me, Option 3a worked. After a very frustrating hour, I can finally watch Netflix. Oops, it’s also 9:30 and I have to get up early to go to work. Maybe tomorrow…


  26. Thanks for these tips. My Panasonic Blueray player (DMP-BDT 220) didn’t actually stop connecting, but it’s always been ridiculously SLOW at connecting. It takes 60-120 seconds of “red screen” after I push the Netflix button on the remote for the Netflix menu to appear.

    I did apply all of the relevant fixes from your post, but they did not resolve this crazy “hang time,” but maybe that’s just what it is with this player. (I don’t have anything like that delay time when connecting via my laptop or tablet on the same network. The Panasonic player is direct-connected to the router on the LAN port for even “better” speed…ha!)

    Maybe I need to break down and invest in a Roku for streaming?

    1. Author

      Greg, the Panasonic blu-ray player takes a long time Netflix because the processor is extremely slow. It is not optimized to run the Netflix application. There’s nothing you can do to fix this. The Roku 3, on the other hand, has a very fast processor and does not have this problem.

  27. up up down down yup yup yup worked like a champ. Got me in and was able to get code to activate with Netflix. Thanks!

  28. Thank you so much. This might be an old article but IT WORKS…

  29. Thank you for the instructions! I will try it. Netflix gets a D- for customer service. We wired the TV directly to cable, bypassing all other devices. Netflix still claimed the problem was caused by TiVo or a cable modem.

  30. Thanks That info is terrific! wish I had that sooner. I returned my first DMPBDT330 because it wouldn’t connect to the internet for any app. I received a replacement unit. I can connect to Netflix but after about 20 minutes the connection drops and Netflix has to reload. it continues this about every 10 minutes. sometimes I have to unplug and plug in the unit. which of your remedies do you believe would be the best solution in my circumstance? Thanks for the assistance. Don

  31. Thank you very much. After days of looking and trying to do the same thing over again, wishing it would work, but it didn’t, I came across your solution and that worked. Fantastic.

    Thank you.
    You should have donate button on your sight because I would buy you a beer or two. Thank you

  32. Worked like a charm thank you.

  33. In the middle of every show we’re watching on Netflix it glitches and stops reloading at 25%. We’re using it through our PS3. I have to quit Netflix altogether (which strangely makes the ps3 restart) and reload it to start the show again. We also stream it through a wii in a separate room but have no problems there. We have amazon and hulu that we watch through the ps3 with no problems. Can you please help?

  34. I have a sony bdp-s5100 facing the same issue and I’ve tried everything except #4. I’ll give it a shot.

  35. Thank you from me too. the up down ect worked for me too

  36. Option 2 worked for me on the roku 1 box,
    ty for your help

  37. Brilliant. This fix worked perfectly for me. Thank you very much for posting this!

  38. I recently replaced my router (Netgear, WPN824) with a newer one (Netgear, WNR2020). The Netflix ap on the Panasonic smart TV (TC-P50ST50) which had worked on the original router stopped working. It would not load.
    I changed the DSP to manual on the Panasonic TV and entered per your suggestion and the non functioning Netflix ap loaded properly. Thank you for sharing. It’s interesting that in trying to solve this problem, neither Panasonic nor Netflix tech support knew about this fix. Thanks again!!

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