How-to: Bit-perfect CD Audio Extraction

My audiophile CD Audio Extraction guide gives complete details on how to use EAC and AccurateRip to perform bit-perfect extraction from audio CDs. It includes instructions on how to save files to the FLAC lossless format and general guidelines for editing tags and downloading cover art.

How-to: Extracting High-Resolution Audio from DVD Video Concert Discs

This DVD Soundtrack Extraction Guide gives step-by-step detail on how to extract the high quality (24 bit / 96 kHz or 24 bit / 48 kHz) 2-channel PCM audio track from a Video DVD and store it in a lossless (WMA lossless, FLAC) or compressed (MP3, AAC, OGG) format.

How-to: Applying ReplayGain Volume Correction to Music Files using FooBar2000

The ReplayGain Volume Correction Guide explains how to apply lossless volume correction to music files and give a list of players compatible with ReplayGain volume correction.

Comparison: Roku SoundBridge vs. Sonos Zone Player

A detailed comparison of two great home audio players. In the end, the multi-room control and listening capabilities of the Sonos proved victorious. Read the review for complete details.

IR Upfit Projects

The Dish Network IR Upfit Project is about only place on the internet to find information on adding infrared to older Dish Network 2000, 4000, and 5000 Receivers.

The Dish Network D-VHS Modification Project provides info for add IR receivers to JVC HM-DSR100U D-VHS satellite receivers. It also includes information on fan noise reduction and info on finding D-VHS tapes.

Universal Remote Control Recommendations

The Dish Network Codes and Universal Remote Control Recommendation page contains my current list of recommended Universal Remote Controls that are compatible compatible with Dish Network receivers and most every other remote-controlled device. The page also contains a list of codes for the Dish Network remote control.


  1. Can you upgrade your graph to include 4k and UDF monitors?

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