Background I first read about “line array” speaker designs around 2010 and have been fascinated by them ever since. As the name suggests, Line Array speakers consist of an array of identical speaker drivers placed directly beside each other in a long line. Because each speaker driver is so close to the one next to it, the result is constructive/reinforcing interference between the outputs of the speaker drivers. For a traditional vertical speaker configuration, this causes the sound to be more focused vertically (i.e. focused directly in front of the speaker and not toward the floor/ceiling) and more broadly and evenly distributed horizontally (across theRead More →

In a recent episode of the Entertainment 2.0 podcast, the question was asked “what is the best smart-home tech for a vacation rental property?” Since I’ve recently stayed in several VRBO/Airbnb rental properties, and since I’m in the middle of an extensive smart home build at home, I decided to put this list together. While there is some overlap between a home you live in and a home you rent to strangers, there is quite a bit that will be different. Here’s my list of the best smart home products for the guests in a Vacation Rental Property. Some of these items are on theRead More →