Here is a list of the modifications I’ve performed to my Boxster to make it a little more personalized and user friendly.

  • Rolling top up/down relay modification
  • Clear side markers
  • OBC (onboard computer) modification to display outside temp, fuel economy, etc.
  • European drivers side wide angle aspheric mirror
  • Silver crest valve stem covers – $12 from Porsche
  • Bumper Plugs for the front plate location to match bumper
  • Audio system
  • B&M Short throw shifter – Buy
  • Foot well lighting
  • Removed Airbag Stickers on visors using denatured alcohol
  • Removed Intake Snorkel to change induction sounds and perhaps slightly increase horsepower
  • Ultimate Cup Holder installed on drivers side – out of the way and works well!
  • Clear (2003-style) front head lights w/ Amber diffuser filter removed, Philips Silver Vision PY21W (1156) turn signal Bulbs installed
    (before / after picture of internal amber diffuser filter removal)
  • Clear (2003-style) rear tail lights
    • Philips Silver Vision PY21W (1156) turn signal Bulbs – silver bulbs that illuminate in amber to replace standard amber bulbs in the front and rear light assemblies. I purchased from (The bluish Sylvania Osram PY21W Diadem bulbs are a second choice.) You may have to break off one of the tabs at the base of the bulb to insert it into the socket.
  • Wheel spacers: 15mm front and rear. (Wish I’d gotten 17mm rear, in case ever I decided to install wider 911 rims.) I’d considered 7mm for the front spacers, but that would have been too little of a difference vs. stock.

Upgrades that I’d like to do but will never probably get around to actually doing:

Track Accessories:

Magnetic Numbers for doors: 8″ tall, Black on white rounded rectangle background, Gill Sans font. I purchased these from FireBallGraphix. (The number on my car: 808.)

Head Protection: I purchased these from Summit Racing.

  • G-Force Pro Force One full face helmet: black, Snell SA2005 rating. I like the reasonable pricing of G-force helmets, their lighter weight due to a composite shell, and the fact that they have HANS (head and neck support) attachments, which was rare at the time of purchase.
  • HANS device. Yes it’s less comfortable, but it offers critical protection in unfortunate situations.
  • G-Force helmet bag in black.

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Babblers Board – another great discussion forum, especially for those on the west coast.
Porsche TechArt – aftermarket equipment from Porsche
Bumper Plugs – Match your paint color, hide the ugly mounting for front plates.
Titan Motorsports – The place to buy a B&M short throw shifter
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  1. Hi, I just took out my head light just to see how you could remove the ambler film. The only set of directions i can find are yours, but i cant seem to figure out how to get the assembly apart. It’s kinda funny because I’m usually very good at these kind of things. Could you please explain? Oh, and how exactly does it come apart? Heat?

  2. Christian, it sounds to me like you have a pre-2003 Boxster. You can’t remove the amber from those lights. It’s not a film, it’s part of the one-piece plastic covering of the headlight. Your only option is to get early 991 (996 1999-2001) headlights or later Boxster headlights (2003-2005).

    The new-style lights will have a slight amber hue in the turn signal area. The can be remedied by removing the internal amber diffuser using the instructions above. You’ll probably want to install an amber bulb with silver coating to finish it off, with no amber at all unless the bulb is on (this keeps everything in line with DOT standards.)

  3. I have also used FireBall Graphix, and they are a very professional group of people to work with. My order shipped w/in 2 days of me ordering.

    Highly recommended!

  4. Hmm, this list looks incomplete. You’ve done a ton more than just this!

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