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Carlton Bale pictureI’m a thirty-something engineer-turned-MBA working in business development at a Fortune 500 company; very rarely do I talk about work outside of the office. I spend my free time with my family and working on my hobbies, which include home theater, web development and computers, and sports cars.


Gender: Male
Current City/State/Country: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Current Relationship Status: Married
Current Employment Industry/Company: Manufacturing / Cummins Inc., Columbus, Indiana
Current Job Title: Manager – Distribution Channel JV Performance
Interests: Automobiles(especially sports cars), Consumer Electronics, Home Theater, Computers, Music

Kids: One daughtes
A cat that I miss (favorite trick: scratch my head), another cat that I miss (favorite trick: feed me now), a dog that I miss (favorite trick: beg for food), a rabbit (favorite trick: ha ha! I played a trick on you!), and some fish
Running, Swimming, Photography, Home Theater, Cars & Maintenance, Home Theater, Home Automation
Favorite Movies: Ronin, all of the Jason Bourne movies, Contact, A Few Good Men, Minority Report, Clear and Present Danger, Serenity
Favorite Sci-Fi Movies: Serenity, The Matrix Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, both Star Wars Trilogies
Favorite Super Hero Movies: The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Spider Man 2, X-Men 2
Favorite Animation: Batman Beyond, Toy Story 1 & 2, Aeon Flux
Favorite Romance/Comedy Movies: Something About Mary, About a Boy, You’ve Got Mail

Favorite Musical Artists: Dave Matthews Band, Sheryl Crow, O.A.R., Here Come the Mummies, John Mayer
Favorite High School Musical Artists: Genesis, INXS

Favorite Authors: Orson Scott Card, Dean Koontz
Favorite Books: Enders Game / Enders Shadow, Tuesdays with Morrie

Favorite Television Shows: Heroes, Entourage, CSI, Law & Order SVU, Indianapolis Colts vs. anyone
Favorite No-Longer-Around Television Shows: Cheers, Firefly, Moonlighting, Ed (Love Monkey), Friends, Seinfeld, Veronica Mars
Favorite Childhood Television Shows: G-Force Battle of the Planets, Superfriends, Buck Rogers in the 21st Century, The Dukes of Hazard, The A-Team
Favorite Cartoons: Justice League, Batman Beyond, Animaniacs
Favorite Television Genres: Anything that is well written

Current Cars: 2004 Infiniti G35 Sedan, 1999 Porsche Boxster
Previous Cars: 1990 Acura Integra, 1985 Merkur XR4Ti
Dream cars: Porsche Carrera GT, Aston Martin Vanquish, Porsche Cayman S, Porsche 911 Targa 4
Memorable car: The Porsche Boxster prototype
Best road trips: When Kevin Colon and I took my Acura Integra to Florida; in 1993 when I was on the road for 4 months straight touring the country by bus with the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps

Next destinations: touring Germany while driving a Porsche.

Question & Answer:

Q: How do you feel about your life right now:
A: I’m right around where I thought I’d be

Q: Your friends would describe you as:
A: Cheerful and easygoing

Q: If you won $100 million tomorrow, you would:
A: Change very little about my life, just enjoy the money

Q: How you meet most of your friends:
A: Hobbies/Clubs, Through other friends, Work

Q: Describe your political views:
A: It depends on the issue

Q: Highest Education Level:
A: Masters degree

Q: How you stay in touch with school friends:
A: At reunions, Email, I don’t keep in touch, but wish I did

Q: Living distance from where you grew up:
A: Same part of the country; about 3 hours away

Q: Favorite subject in school:
A: Science

Q: Least favorite subject in school:
A: Foreign Language

Q: What you did directly after high school:
A: Went to university

Q: If you could do high school again, you would have:
A: Dated more, Studied harder, Not taken everything so seriously, Partied more

Q: School Extracurriculars:
A: Band, Church Group, Honor Society, Volunteer/Community Organizations

Q: College Major:
A: Engineering

Q: Do you use your major today?
A: Yes

Q: The first thing that pops into your head when you think of college:
A: Studying

Q: Thoughts on Fraternities/Sororities:
A: I didn’t even think about it

Q: What best describes your first roommate:
A: The Scholar

Q: How you stay in touch with college friends:
A: Email, I don’t keep in touch as much as I wish I did, Other people keep me updated

Q: Describe your current work life:

A: Work full-time

Q:Jobs held since graduation:
A: 5, but all with the same company

Q: How you stay in touch with old co-workers:
A: Email

Q: A talent you rarely use at work:
A: Music (Euphonium playing), Public speaking

Q: What is most important at work:
A: Satisfaction of a hard day’s work

Q: If you took a month off work, you would:
A: Catch up on movies, Travel abroad, Visit family & friends

Q: Current work environment:
A: Cube

Q: Your feelings about work:
A: I enjoy what I do but I could imagine having a bigger role at a smaller company

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  • Brett says:

    Hey Carlton,

    Just found your site while researching setting up an audiophile-quality media server. I see you enjoyed Genesis way back when…have you picked up the new box set? I’d very much like to hear your thoughts on it.


  • Matt Townley says:

    Hay Carlton,

    It has been along time sence we last spoke to each other. My sister Melissa told me about your web sit, so I thought I’d take a look. I live in Ohio now with my wife of 5 years now and our two children. Austin who turns 3 in July and Abbie who will be 4 months old in June. I also have a son, Jordan, form a prior marage that will be 11 in August. I work for the Ohio National Guard full time as a training NCO.
    Just started this job last Sep. Not a bad gig.

    Well I have to get back to work now, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a great weekend,

  • Carlton Bale says:

    Matt: Great to hear from you! I drive by your old house each time I go to visit my Mom in E-town and wonder how you’re doing. It sounds like all is well; I would have guessed that you were still in the service. My wife Nicole and I have been married 5 years now and we’re expecting our first in August (a girl.)

    Have you played a baritone lately? I still remember the day I turned in my instrument in college and I haven’t picked up one since. But it sure was fun while it lasted. Those were fun times in high school. I’m glad your sister got us in touch. We can catch-up more over e-mail.

  • Van Backeris says:

    My 26 year-old son just turned me on to your web-site and your Theater Calculator spreadsheet. Thank you for your efforts. I am a Manufacturing Software Consultant that is just getting into the world of high-quality video and audio. I built a new house a couple of years ago and designed it to include a 14’x24′ entertainment room. I finally have taken care of all my wife’s priorities for the new house (you know how that goes) and I can concentrate my efforts, and wallet on the entertainment room. I have a Panasonic PT-AE2000U on order and I am researching mounting, placement and screen alternatives. So, thanks again for the calculator spreadsheet. It is very helpful in the setup decision process. I have a question about the Excel spreadsheet itself. How do you get the spreadsheet to display the information box for each of the blue cells that accept user input? I have never seen that before and it would be helpful to me in spreadsheets I put together in my work.
    Van Backeris

  • George Pappas says:

    Hi Carlton,
    My appreciation for your efforts regarding proper distances for viewing HDTV. I’ll have no problem getting the 61″ Samsung for my 9′ room depth.
    I was surprised by the similarity of interests, from cats to the Justice League. Just substitute horses for your Scuba and Car interests and our favorites are virtually identical. What put me over the top is when I saw the Greek translation of your article. It read perfectly well.
    Oh yes, one minor difference: Go Patriots!
    Thanks again
    George (married,age 57, Masters in Clinical Chemistry, Manager for PerkinElmer Corp, Favorite Book = Dune by Frank Herbert)
    Lancaster, MA.

  • Van Backeris says:

    I too am 57 and Greek.
    What a coincidence.
    Two 57 year-old Greeks posting comments on your website within hours of one another.
    I would like to communicate with George Pappas. See my email below.
    Van Backeris
    van [at] mfgsystems [dot] net

  • Morris says:

    Just took a brief tour of you site – it great. You seem like a real nice normal guy that puts a lot of effort into your responsibilities as well as helping others. Although it look like you need to update your “About Me” are since the birth of your child. Anyway, congratualtions and best of luck to you in life to you and your family for all you have done. Hopefully many of your dreams and asperations will come true in the not too distant future.

  • Sean Nealey says:

    Hey Carlton…I was looking online to see how to program my new tv with my dish network remote and your website was the very first I went to…I thought how many Carlton Bales can there be in the world and I saw Kevin’s name and new it was you… I’m married living in Lexington with two dogs and live a fantastic life. After Etown I went to Murray State and then transferred to UK, where I met my wife. I graduated with a degree in business management. I spent five years working on cruise ships and now manage the Lexington Olive Garden. Send me an email sometime….I’d love to hear from you!
    Sean Nealey

  • Pat Mascaro says:

    I appreciate your follow up to my question about computer cases. It is rare, in these days, to find someone willing to help that isn’t requiring a donation or vote. Like your site. Thanks again.


  • Zorro says:

    THANKS for your website & You are a Handsome Fella and NOT a Geeky Engineer! 😀

  • James says:

    Great stuff. Great stuff.

  • Asher Kelman says:

    Impressed that you have such a vibrant interest in so many things!

    Are you still open to discussion WD drives and data recovery

    Happy New Year!


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