1. Hi,
    I am re-ripping every CD again now into FLAC. I had originally done it the first time with EAC (as a rookie) .99 Beta and ripped all 350 of my CDs. Now I am going at this again 4 years later and found your webpage. I see there are more options in the latest 1.0 beta 2 of EAC… would you possibly be able to update your page?

    1. Author

      Sorry, I don’t have a Windows PC to test it on. Most of the settings should carry over to the new version.

  2. Hey Carlton. I have an internal SSHD. Can I safely rip to that drive in my music folder or will that drive be broken sometimes. How many times can I overwrite etc.?

    1. Author

      There is nothing different for Solid State Drives vs. conventional spinning disk hard drives. The data integrity is the same…and both can eventually fail, so be sure to keep a separate backup!

  3. This is a commandline for the program. How can I do something in the same way with Cuetools?

    -8 -A tukey(0.25) -A gauss(0.1875) -b 4096 -V -T “artist=%a” -T “title=%t” -T “album=%g” -T “date=%y” -T “tracknumber=%n” -T “genre=%m” %s –sector-align

  4. Hi
    When I enter the command line …. -8 -V –replay-gain -T “artist=%a” -T “title=%t” -T “album=%g” -T “date=%y” -T “tracknumber=%n” -T “genre=%m” -T comment=”%e” -T “comment=Extracted from CD using EAC” %s … into the additional command line in the external compression tab and then click test button, it tells me ‘an invalid replacement tag found’ What do I do? Thanks

    1. Author

      Ian, I’m not sure which of the items is causing the issue. The required items for ripping the file correctly are -8 -V –replay-gain. The others are for tagging the file with the correct metadata. Try removing the tagging options starting with -T one at a time until you find a combination that works.

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