1. Veronica Mars rocks! I watched the first two seasons on DVD and got hooked by the writing.

  2. You made, like, at least five spelling errors, including, like, the name of the alcohol you’re drinking.

    Like, totally.

  3. I’ve once again been visited by my wife the Grammar Nazi! Thanks for the feedback; corrections implemented. Blogging, drinking, and watching TV all at the same time can be difficult. Especially when there is a dog in your lap and your crappy Dell laptop (with no keyboard light in a dark room) is sitting on your shins causing you to stretch out to uncomfortable lengths to type.

    By the way, KNH, have you checked your own site for spelling mistakes? When I was copying over your older pages into WordPerss I noticed several mistakes. Aren’t you dying to know where they are so you can fix them as soon as possible? Don’t ask me — I’ll never ruin your fun!

  4. What, BUI doesn’t give you a pass on spelling and grammar mistakes? Crap!

  5. Oh, and there are still grammatical errors in your post. See if I help you find them! Nyah! 🙂

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