1. spot on man. thanks a bunch

  2. Any suggestions for if the app won’t even open on a Sony player anymore? This past weekend app wouldn’t open after we had been watching all morning. Turned the player off and when we tried to watch later, the app would not open. Have seen in some forums that this happened to others also over the weekend after Christmas. We had an older Sony player on another tv so checked if app was working and it was so brought it out to the living room. The app was working and we watched a couple of movies and then turned it off to watch Hulu on the other player. Later that afternoon we wanted to watch Netflix again and turned on the other player. Low and behold, the app was no longer opening on this player either. Netflix support blames it on Sony and Sony blames it on Netflix. All troubleshooting from both companies either doesn’t solve it or doesn’t even have any thing to do with the issue. Obviously the players and the internet are fine since all the other apps work on both players. One is a Sony blu ray player which is wired and the other is a plain old Sony media player that is wireless.

  3. Hi my LG 40″ is not storing my netflix password,once i log on and turn my set off and turn on again i have to keep putting in my email and password,what can i do to elimnate this.

  4. i have a 40″ LG smart tv and once i take the set off and turn it on i have to always keep login on to netflix,what can be done to store my netflix account on the tv to avoid login on everytime

    1. Author

      If you’ve tried the suggestions ob this page and still have the problem, it’s probably an issue with an old and poorly maintained LG app. Your best bet is to get a Roku stick for about $40 and use that instead.

  5. On the sequence to deactivate you have 1 too many ‘up’at the end of the sequence. It’s only 4, not 5. I tried another person’s directions and for right to the deactivation page.

  6. Hi Carlton will the first fix work on panasonic plasma smart TV were netflix has a red button already on the remote ?

  7. Brilliant! Had Netflix streaming problems, did the factory reset on our Panasonic Blu- Ray player and it worked beautifully! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  8. I had Netflix on my smart tv. We lost power cause of a bad storm. Now we can’t get it to come back on. We was wondering what we need to do to get it back up.


    1. I did. You’re 7 months behind in your payments. Paying one bill that was due months ago doesn’t mean you get to keep it for free. Netflix bills collection specialists

  10. What if the remote doesn’t have an ” ok” button?

  11. Google box sucks!!! Always problems to login to Netflix. I want to take a hammer and smash it into pieces!!!! The google box never works!!!! Grrrrrrrrr

  12. Hi there:)

    I have TCL 55″ smart TV 4K and I am wondering if available to watch Netflix. If so how I can that be?

    Your support is much appreciated.

  13. Thank you for this info, worked like a charm!

  14. I’m totally frustraed – So yes, something has changed – I had to get my main board replaced in the Panasonic t50 since all of my HDMI connections went out. NOW i can’t get Netflix to load. I did the force disconnect, the up up down down left right left right up up up up… is says it will deactivate the account…click ok… never deactivates the account. I tried changing the DNS to and even tried a cable direct to my router. NADA… very frustrating… it works fine from my Apple TV… just not from the the app on the TV…. anymore ideas?? Thank you!

  15. Thanks a ton for this info which I couldn’t find anywhere else.

  16. Netflix is installed via a plug in but it keeps randomly turning on when I’m watching normal tv how do I stop this please ?

    1. Author

      My recommendation is to uninstall the plugin and purchase a $30 Roku streaming stick and use the Roku for Netflix.

  17. I can’t get my roku to work on panasonic plasma, I don’t even get the home page. Chatted with panasonic, they said maybe I would have to change the roku settings, and they could not advise me on any streaming device that works with this tv.

  18. I have a problem with the joey not keeping connected, hopper works but joey keeps disconnecting or buffering forever

    1. Author

      I’m not familiar with the Joey, but your problem is most likely related to your home network not having the same signal strength at the two different locations.

  19. How to enter my email address and password for netflix setup using the remote control?

  20. Thank you! Comcast and Netflix were useless

  21. Thank you for your tips on this website. It was more helpful than the Netflix help page or chat.

  22. Thanks heaps Carlton, this fixed my problem—had to reset from scratch

  23. What happens if I click on reset Netflix on this device to it,s Original state?

  24. Hey Carlton,

    One of the main issue I’ve had with netflix that it kept freezing. I found that my problem was essentially my graphic driver. I updated it and haven’t had that issue since!

  25. Solution 4 worked for me. Amazing. But I still have the problem of not being able to sign in the first time (after putting the Panasonic TV to sleep, for instance). I must “try again”, sometimes several times, sometimes I also have to unplug the TV and the router. Finally, I always get in to Netflix. Is there a known solution to this issue?

  26. The original main intent of this posting is obsolete, as Panasonic has stopped supporting Netflix on it’s devices of this age, but the instructions for doing a factory reset allowed me to fix the internet connectivity problems I was having with my DMP-BDT 210 Blu-ray when everything else failed. Thanks Carlton!

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