1. How does a person find out a price and order an item on this page. Click on a product and doesn’t show any price or where it can be found to place an order for >ST-9071 Dura-Ace Time Trial/Triathlon Dual Control Brake Levers/Shifters: Cant find the selling price or an ordering page.

    1. This is not a store nothing is being sold, just a place to exchang information. Try your local bike shop.

  2. Carlton,

    Thanks for all of the great information regarding compatibility issues with Di2. I had talked to shops, internet research, spoke to Shimano rep… but you have laid out the details in a straight forward way that clears the confusion and misinformation that is out there. Forever grateful for the work you put into this matter.

  3. Cartlon,

    I am writing to you from Brazil, could you please give some Help !!
    I do have a TT Bike with duraace 9070 Groupset (trek 9.9 to of line), I am planning to buy a new road bike and use this group set on it (change the groupset from TT bike to road Bike, the only thing I want to add is a Ultegra Di2 shifter which my TT bike does not have it, Am I correct ? is that simple ? the Ultegra di2St Shifters will work fine with the Durace RD AND FD ?
    Thanks Alberto

  4. There’s new firmware for the eww-01 that transmits the signal from the hidden buttons on the top of the 9070 shifters.

  5. just brought DI2 but not sure about the battery .The bike originally had a external battery mount and the set I brought now has a seat post battery but the external mount base come with the purchase just wondering if this is going to be a problem

  6. Carlton, I have the Ultegra Di2 aerobar shifters (SW-R671) which is a 10 speed. I want to add the brake lever shifters (ST-6871). What do I need to do this? I assume I need a (1) 5 junction box, (2) additional cabling, (3) the ST-6871 shifters x2. The ST-6871 is an 11-speed though right, so is compatibility a problem with the 10speed SW-R671? Thanks so much!

    1. You can not mix 10&11 speed. You can use a 5 port EW 90 junction A or A 3 port with a JC41.

      1. OK so I getting the ST-6871 does me no good. Is there a 10speed version of the brake levers? Or is my only option to completely upgrade to the 11speed?

  7. I upgraded eTube to the last version (2.8….) and I get an error when I connect my bike…anyone has the issue?

      1. I try to translate…I got it whe it starts to install the new firmware. ‘An error as occurred, try disconnect and reconnect SM-BCR2, if error remains your SM-BCR2 may be broken’ (something like that).

        I will retry and I’ll be more precise

        1. So its saying the charger/updater is bad. Be sure it is updated with the proper version of e tube project before you try to update the bike.

          1. it is 2.8.1 version…
            It searched for updates when I started it

        2. Rame problemi do you fine a solution?

    1. I think mine did that at first because I had the battery mounted. I didn’t know I was supposed to hook up to the mount with the battery OUT. Did you try that?

  8. Did any one else have trouble pairing the SM-EWW01 D-fly wireless unit to a Garmin? The manual says it remains in pairing mode for “tens of seconds” after connecting the battery or connecting both wires. I eventually managed to get mine to pair and it’s working well, but it took lots of plugging and unplugging of the wires while simultaneously pressing search on the Garmin. I wonder if they meant tenths of seconds? I was ready to give up and wait for a firmware update or something when it finally paired.

    1. I installed the D-Fly without problems. Also updating my Ultegra DI2 10 speed tot the latest firmware went flawless.

      1. How did you update the firmware? Do you have to have apc? Will it not work with MAC?

        1. Author

          Information on the etube software is in the post along with the download link. It requires Microsoft Windows.

    2. I could not get it to pair until I just pressed both right shifter levers like I do to check battery level. Did that and it paired right up.

  9. Is the earlier 7970 Di2 supported by e-Tube? I’m guessing not? I have a TT bike with 7970 group, everything is functioning fine, just wondering that’s all.

  10. Great info! I have a 6870 fr/rear D with external battery and EW67. My FD low is stripped so I got a 9070 FD. Installed but doesn’t shift. Do I need to update the battery firmware or is all 6770/6870/9070 mixing broken? Like I said, been running 6870 FD/RD no issues for over a year. Thank for any insight!

  11. Note on FD-6870 Front Derailleur Trim – Can you explain this a bit more? I’m setting up 6870 and I get a bit of chain rub when using 34/12 and 34/11. Would I adjust the trim to be outwards several clicks? The manual doesn’t do a good job of explaining how it works. They just say to set it so there is a specific clearance, but that doesn’t seem to help.

  12. Hi, my bike is on the ultegra di2 10 speed. My rear derailleur has broken and I’m told the 10 speed rear mech is now discontinued. What rear mech can I use now?

    1. Unlucky.
      I was in the same situation a few weeks ago. it’s not good i’m afraid.
      I ended up buying a used one from eBay as neither 6870 (new 11s ultegra di2), 9070 (new 11s dura ace di2) or 7070 (old, 10s, dura ace di2) are compatible.

      1. I should add I replaced it with the same 6770 10s di2 rear mech. Nothing else seemed likely to work. Hopefully you can find one else you’re looking at replacing several parts.

    2. I too damaged my Ultegra10 speed Di2 rear derailleur and could not find a replacement anywhere in the World. Shimano say they stopped making these some 18 months ago. I now have to replace the rear and front derailleurs, wheels, sprocket and chain with the new 11 speed units. My bike is only 18 months old, and I have noticed that new 10 speed Di2 bikes are still being sold in the bike shops.
      Don’t Shimano need to ensure that parts are available for a reasonable period of time before discontinuing the manufacture like this, probably leaving a lot of people in a position where they have to spend big money to make their bikes roadworthy again?

      1. There are several for sale on ebay

        1. I can’t see any 10 speed Ultegra DI2 on ebay. Plenty of manual ones and one or two Dura Ace, and plenty of the new11 speed ones, but no 10 speed.
          The issue really is that Shimano is leaving customers in the lurch after having a captive market. And think of the devaluation of all the 10 speed Di2 bikes out there. Would you buy a used 10 speed Di2 bike if you knew that the derailleurs are not maintainable and that to get the bike back on the road you would need to spend nearly the cost of a new bike to upgrade the whole drive train to Shimano’s 11 speed? Also, how much trust can you put on the 11 speed, when it is quite possible that Shimano will soon upgrade to 12 speed and make the 11 speed Di2 obsolete as well? Sounds like abuse of market power to me.

          1. a search on RD 6770 turns up 3 new items item # 381097972706 is $200 looks like the best deal. Yes its true that manufacturers discontinue old models for new products Shimano is still supporting this model including warranties/replacements, perhaps your LBS is the issue, I have had no issue getting parts for any older mechanical groups including 9 speed, all the parts are still available for the 10 speed di2, if your LBS is willing to special order. Good luck.

          2. Thank you, Di2diy.
            It seems that the problem is here in Australia and the UK. Its not just the bike shop. I have tried to source this as well, and Shimano here advised that the rear Di2 is not being made and will not be available.
            I have upgraded to 11 speed just to get the bike back on the road, but i will not buy Di2 ever again.

  13. Hi, I have an original Di2 Dura-ace system (7970 10sp) and I wish to find out if there is a wireless unit (or adaptor) out there for use with a Garmin1000 (?). I have looked at a couple of units but the connections are all wrong 🙁 ….hope you can advice, thanks

  14. arrgh! my S Works Disc brake fell over this morning and scratched my 7 month old Di2 9070 front shifter and rear mech. any advice on repairing or a place that would do this. it is only cosmetic and IT WILL happen again but I am anal about a mint bike. i know carbon bike solutions do a bit but they messed my 7090 rear mech up two years ago after a crash.

    1. Author

      I have no idea how to repair the cosmetic damage. I think your best bet is to buy new components and sell the used ones on eBay.

  15. Hi there,
    Would it be possible to splice an lengthen a 1400 mm wire ?
    Thanks, Joe
    ( great site btw)

  16. I just purchased a New P5 with the di2 system. I want to add a shifter on the lower bars, like the P3, but I have the Magura hydraulic brakes and there is no button assy for these. I dont mind fabricating the mount but do not know which switches or buttons that will work with the system. It came with a 5 port junction box. Please advise if this is possible from a “wiring and software” side and I will figure out the mounting. Thanks for your help. Jim G

    1. Jim G, I have some experience with this exact situation. Feel free to email me at R_jbrandt at msn dot com

  17. Can you recharge the battery (from say a Son dynohub) while cycling?

  18. Can any one help trouble shooting a Shimano Ultegra Di2 10sp issue? Right shifter won’t change gears (up or down) rear dérailleur works (using test button) can shift between chain rings, certain the battery is charged (chainring would be first to go if it was flat). Was fine last Wednesday, now stuck in one gear. (Could still climb the Northern end of Glenvale Rd! That HURT!) Hoping it’s not a cable issue as I believe 10spd cables may be obsolete. Help!

    1. First check the cable going to the lever with the plug tool to be sure it is “clicked” in all the way. If not the cable you will need a SM PCE1 to do diagnosis. All e tube wires are comparable.

  19. Do you know the weight comparison between the Ultegra Mechanical Group and the Ultegra 6770 Di2 (internal set up with seat post battery) ?
    I currently have the mechanical Ultegra 6800 10 speed and I am thinking of upgrading to the Ultegra 6770 Di2 10 speed (later will maybe switch to 11 speed)

  20. Hello.

    I am using Ultegra Di2(6770) with RD-6780, ST-6870, satelite shifter, and also sprinter shifter. Yesterday, I get the XTR Di2 Display(SC-M9050) and plug in between Internal Juction and SM-EW67-A-E. Then, the shifters work fine, but “display” is not working. Nothing is displayed. Should I need to upgrade firmware? Anyone get idea? If I remove SM-EW67-AE-, a shifter works fine(I have just one extra electronic cable), but display is still not work.

    1. Hi
      Connect direct XTR Di2 Display(SC-M9050) with shifters.No use SM EW67

      1. Hi Sandro
        I have only one extra wire, so I directly connected a shift lever. Shifter was worked. But the display was not… Is there anyone who do this job with newer firmware?

        1. Hi Carlton / kwkim,

          Awesome website, wished I had known this before getting my groupset. Anyone succeeded in connecting XTR Di2 Display (SC-M9050) with Dura Ace / Ultegra?

          1. Shifters work fine, but the display does not work.

          2. Have you updated the firmware?

  21. Hey Carlton, Great page, really appreciate the time you have put in here, it helped me understand it all much better. Thanks.. However I am still struggling with Etube connecting with my bike.. I have a SM-EW90B connected to my PC with SM BCR2, I have downloaded the drivers for the SM BCR2 all good, however when I connect to Etube I get a message “The connected unit is not supported by the current bicycle type. Remove units other than the following and redo the connection check.” I have re installed Etube a couple of times, any ideas?

    1. what “units” do you have connected, and what bike is selected?

      1. Road Bike is selected. I have shifters ( ST 6870) – Tri Bar shifters (SW R671), Junction A (SM EW90 B), FD 6870, RD 6870, Internal battery (SM BTR2). I am not sure of Junction B as it is in the tube.

        1. try unplugging everything except the battery, than see if it can update the battery be sure you are selecting the correct battery type,if it does update than plug everything back in and try to update the whole system.

          1. Hey Carlton, Finally got a chance to test a few things. Turns out it was the version of e-tube that was the problem, I had installed V_2_8_1, downloaded V_2_9_0 and everything worked flawlessly. Thanks for your help.

  22. A simple one: I have DA 9070 di2. I’d like to put on a 11-32 casette for a mountain-race. Is it plug-and-play to change the rear derailleur to a Ultega 6870 di2 GS?

    1. It should be but without knowing the current version of existing components it may be nessary to updat the firmware so each component matches.

  23. Hi – what a great post – really useful, thank you. A quick question, I have Ultegra Di2 6770 groupset (10-sp 11-28 34/50) and I want to move to 11-sp 11-32 34/50). Will the existing ST-6770 shifters work with the RD-6870-GS (11-s0 wide range) rear mech and would you recommend upgrading the front derailleur, too? Again thanks for a great document.

    1. Author

      Yes, the shifters will be fine witheither setup. I recommend upgrading the front derailleur as well as the new rear will like come with the newer, incompatible firmware.

  24. Hi

    Dura ace shifters 9070 works with Ultegra 6870 derailleurs (front ans rear) ?

    Thank you

      1. Great!!
        I have tried to read all the article but i’am french and sometimes i do not understand all…

        Thank you very much

  25. Hi
    I just purchased a sm-eww01 wireless unit . On the box it says firmware version 3 . I have ultegra 6770 di2 on my bike ( i do not know what firmware i have ) i plugged my wireless unit into my rd and tried to pair with my garmin 810 ( which has the new di2 update to work with the wireless unit ) but i cannot get it to pair , ive changed wires , unplugged the battery but nothing .
    Do you think the wireless unit with version 3 firmware is not working with my older di2 6770 firmware , do i have to update my system ?


      1. Hi
        Thanks for the response . I also purchased the remote shifter which works fine when plugged in . Will it work once i update the firmware ?

        1. Author

          Yes, everything should work with the new firmware, unless you have 10 speed and 11 speed front and rear derailleurs mixed together.

      2. Hello Carlton…..
        (great work you put here !)

        i got the same issue with the wireless unit and i am afraid to update my 6770 system firmware so it won’t work with the new rd6870+11 speed cassette i just ordered ….
        i am confused regarding your instruction about keeping the old version in order to combine a rd 6870 in a di2-6770 system.
        can you be more specific about the “not to do” with the e-tube software ??


        1. I would not recommend trying to do the firmware shuffle, the only chance you have of getting everything to work is to update everything to the current version and use both 6870 FD & RD.

  26. I am wondering what it would take to allow R785 shifters to work with XTR RD and possibly FD instead of 6870 so I can get the clutch and more out-of-the-way parallelogram for off road use. I am thinking it’s just the software that restricts this.

    1. Author

      Mike, it’s definitely just a software requirement for the two to be compatible. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if they are or not with the latest version of Etube firmware installed. Perhaps someone else has tested.

  27. Fantastic article sir. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world.

    I am trying to build the ultimate flat bar “road” bike. It will start as a Specialized Sirrus Expert Carbon Disc. I would love to try and make Di2 work on this bike if at all possible. I am still working on what I will need to make that a reality, but it looks like an Ultegra based 11 speed Di2 group will work as the bike is a 2×11 drive train as it sits out of the box.

    My question is will Shimano’s Firebolt (MTB) shifters work with the latest Ultegra Di2 electronics? Is it plug and play or will I spend hours at the soldering bench ?

    Thanks again for your time brother..

    1. Author

      Dauv, I can’t say for certain that it will work. There is a good chance. Please let us know if you find anything out.

  28. Hi
    Can di2 be programmed to have presets for different rear cassettes eg when changing wheels?

    1. Author

      No, not directly, you have to realign it each time. But you can figure out how to do it manually. So 4 clicks to the left when switching to wheel B, 4 clicks to the right when switching to wheel A.

      1. Thanks
        Will the limit screws need altering or should it be just the ‘clicks’ to the left/right?

  29. Carlton, what would you recommend for a 58cm Cervelo P5 w/ hydraulic Magura brakes? Hack an additional set of extension shifter pods or the hack the shift/brake levers, or just daisy chain some wires to a set of Cateye remotes?

    1. Author

      Eric, that modification isn’t easy. The cleanest solution is to wait for Shimano to release hydraulic brake/shift levers, but not sure on timing for that. As for alternatives, the best option would be take apart the bar-end shifters and solder cateye remote buttons to the circuit board. It requires soldering to a circuit board, so not super easy, but it’s your best bet. Here are some general instructions: http://www.rundtramp.se/ultegra-di2-remote/

  30. Hi Carlton,

    Thanks for all the info, it’s a really great website. I just wanted to check a couple of things.

    I have just purchased a new RD 6870, and I will be running it with a FD6770. I have read what you have said and have download the link for E-Tube V 2.5.2 and will not run it with the internet on. But I wanted to know what updates I can download for my shifters, as I wanted to have the multi shift function, as it has never been updated since I first bought it 3 years ago. As I have only just purchased the SM-PCE1 as well. But I do not want to mess up by downloading something and it stops the other bits from being compatible.

    Many thanks for all your help


    1. You can not run 6770 with 6870, the versions of e tube you refur to will eventually cause nothing but grief when you try to update any other components. Just buy 6870 FD and save yourself lot of trouble.

      1. Sorry if this has been asked before and I missed it.
        I recently broke my Ultegra 6770 RD and replaced with a used version that, I suspect, had a hard life before I got it.
        I’d like to dial it up to 11 so is it simply a case of replacing FD and RD with 6870 and I’m good to go (no need for new shifters or junction boxes)?

          1. Thanks.
            I can look forward to being able to share wheels across all my bike again 🙂

          2. It will of course require you to change cassettes for 10 or 11 speed shifting

          3. It’s worse than that, my 10s wheels (Easton EA90RT) need a new 11s freehub. The existing hub won’t do 11s which is remarkable given how long 11s has been known about.

            Still, at least once all that is done I’ll be up to date, until the next change!

  31. Jeez Carleton – I am almost afraid to ask the question because your article is so comprehensive, but:

    I own an ultegra di2 6770 10 speed road kit. I bought the matching 10 speed ultegra di2 aerobar tt shifters for clip ons. Now I want to use the group set on a dedicated tt bike.

    So, will the ST-6871 Ultegra Time Trial/Triathlon Dual Control Brake Levers/Shifters work with my existing di2 kit?

    Thank you,

    1. yes, but you may heed to update the firmware.

  32. Has anyone ever had a blinking error indicator on their charger? How can this be resolved? I’ve tried plugging USB in to computer and also using various USB to AC chargers and I still get a blinking error light. I was able to successfully update FD firmware so the cable does work for that, it just won’t charge the battery.

    1. What battery are you trying to charge? It only charges the SM BTR2

      1. Ah, that must be it, thanks. I have the external battery but it is internally mounted in the pocket of a Cervelo P5. So do I need to pull the battery out to charge it?

        1. Yes you will need an external charger, if you don’t have one I do have one I can sell you, a custom design that will charge your battery without removing it from the bike. Contact me off board at Di2diy.gmail.com

          1. I have a friend that insists that he has an external battery and charges it through the junction box using the SM-BCR2. Are you sure that you can only charge the seat post battery only? I was able to try a brand new SM-BCR2 on my 5 port junction and that one too received the blinking error indicator. I switched out the 5 port junction with a brand new one and that one won’t charge either. Who knows what the blinking error indicator means? The manual only states this blinks where there is a temperature problem but this could not be the issue. Any idea?

          2. Yes I’m sure… but perhaps your friend have some magical beans.

  33. Hi Carlton (and potentially di2diy)

    Great site, very useful.

    I currently have a bike with dura-ace 9070 groupset, including sprint shifters. I would like to have a little DIY project at minimum cost to add two additional features.

    Firstly, I would like to add custom climbing buttons to the handle bar. Given I don’t want to pay for any shimano hardware I think this will need to be a custom momentary switch (ie cat eye buttons) spliced into the existing spint shift cable, one for the left side and separate one for the right side.

    Secondly, I’d like to add custom shifters to the ends of my clip on aerobars. I envision this being a second splice again into both the left and right sprint shift cables. I plan to add a small custom male/female plug (from eBay) just sticking out of the bar tape for when the aerobars are removed.

    What is not yet clear to me is how the circuitry of the sprint shifter works. (I haven’t cut open the cable yet). I’m uncertain if I can just splice in two additional switches to the line or if I’ll need something more complicated.

    Thanks again. Any thoughts or advice much appreciated.


    1. Splicing into the sprint shifter/ports is easy and I have already covered this in earlier post, you can add as many buttons as you want, and yes you could add a JST connector to the splice to make the removal of TT custom buttons, but it would look cluttered and be hard to manage, however I would go with the a 5 port junction and the SW 9071 with the clip ons, than removing them from the system would be a snap, and look much cleaner when the TT clip ons are not on.

    2. Correct me if I am wrong guys.
      You can add the simple N.O. cateye buttons into the splice, but only when plugged into the lower port on each shift lever which are programmed that way for backward compatibility. That is the only place the 2nd generation doesn’t require eprom control switches. So one side for down the other side for up of the rear der. ONLY!!! The sprint shifters are eprom controlled so I would think you could splice another one (sprint) into each one and use the e-tube software & smpce1 or SM-BCR2 to program for additional front der. ETC. (Getting really expensive.) Or just plug 2nd set into 5 port junction box.
      Yes, and could be changed by Shim with a firmware update that wipes out the simple switch backward compatibly.

      1. Oops please never mind on my last post, Di2Diy covered it on page 5.

      2. you can splice as many buttons as you want to the sprint shifter port, but it will only shift the RD. if you are thinking you can somehow add remote shifting for the FD by going through the sprinter port forget it. if you want to add FD remote shifting using the cateye buttons you will need to hack a SW 9071 FD pod. this has been asked and answered in your previous question.

  34. Easy to get confused when you have bad information such as:
    “But if you want the sprint shifters to control the front derailleur instead, simply make the switch with the software.”
    “The tiny sprint shifter can be set to control either derailleur”

    Since beating this to death 🙂 here is some maybe (unless i missed something else) new “information”:
    It appears at least unless Shimano has neutered it with a firmware upgrade; you actually can set up the climbing shifters SW-R600 to do the front D. Of course he could have hacked a set of SW-R671s which would have been cheaper. But, if you have your 11 sp levers and only need one, or when the price really comes down on the R600….
    To be clear, notice below the implication is to set up control front with a set on the left – fd and a set on the right for rd.
    Also Jim the tech that did the mod responds here to that very question:
    Anyone else tried it ?

    1. I have two climbing shifters connected, one to each 9070 sti. One controls FD, one controls rd. The software shows the two shifters on the connection diagram when you run it. All are configurable to any function.

  35. Carlton I have just bought a 10 speed ultegra rear derailleur 6770 to set up my TT bike. I have the bar end shifters. Will they and the other 6770 parts work with the 5 port junction box that I think I need.

    Kind regards


    1. Author

      Yes, it is all interchangeable. Just have to have front and rear derailleurs match.

      1. Cheers. I read somewhere that the firmware had changed on the 5 port junction box. Thanks for the quick reply.

  36. I have just upgraded my Ultegra 6770 to an internal battery.

    I have used the etube 2.5 s/w from the above link to upgrade all the f/w and everything is working.

    My battery came with 2.3.2 f/w, my shifters now have 2.2.0 and my gears 2.0.2

    Will I be able to upgrade later to DA if required and mix compenents due to using the etube 2.5 or does the battery f/w dictate it?

    1. As long as the FD&RD are 11 speed, and you use a EW90 junction box everything will work.

      1. Didn’t quite phrase my question correctly but your answer hints at it. Can I still mix and match FD & RD with 6670 and Di2? Is this driven by the battery F/W I already have or by the etube 2.5 software use

        1. Author

          It’s driven by the battery firmware you already have. Unless it’s old and you never want to update, you can’t mix 11 speed with 10 speed.

        2. You can mix and match everything but the FD and RD the have to match, you will also have to update the firmware if you add 11 speed to the 10 speed system. Since your original question was about adding the BTR2 you also must upgrade to the EW90 junction box.

      2. I have just upgraded to 11 speed Ultegra FD& RD and updated the current f/w, but used the EW67A junction and not the EW90. Everything is working fine at the moment but from your recent post this appears to be theoretically incorrect. Am I to expect problems in the future?

        1. Yes the most current version will cause the system to not work with the EW67. I discovered this last week, prevesouly it would issue a warning but still work, now it will not allow BTR2+EW67 to function. The strange thing is that running the diagnosis with the PCE1 does not show a fault, with the EW67, but it will not work.

          1. Ya, discovered this during the testing of the sprint shifter FD/RD settings and SW600 reassignment, which BTW all checked out, but I was unable to finish testing on 6770 due to the issue with the EW67 change. The good thing about e tube project is the keep updating it… The bad thing is they keep updating it.

          2. Thks for your reply Di2diy. My system is working absolutely fine with the EW67 at the moment and think I may have the reason why…… I have the older version BMR1 and BTR1 fitted. Does this fit with you?

          3. Yes Jeff, it only applies to BTR2, Internal seat post battery. However I do make an internal seat post battery that will work without the need to change the junction box if you ever want to go internal with the battery.

  37. Carlton, I have to upgrade my 7800 system due to wear and breakage but have a lot of 10 speed wheels, including a powertap which doesn’t appear to be upgradeable.
    My thought was that I may try ride the wheels until I found a financially agreeable solution. Reading your site suggested (to me) that I could use the di2 Ultegra 687011 speed shifters with an 11 speed der, (with adjusted limits) with a 10 speed wheel and a 11 speed cassette with a cog and spacer removed, making it a 10 speed. Comments?

    1. Author

      Mal, yes, that setup would work. My concern would be shifting to the 11th (non-existent) cog, causing the servo to try to shift into a gear that is out of limits. If you think you can avoid shifting beyond the 10th cog, then I don’t see any issues. But if you do frequently, it would likely result in premature rear derailleur failure.

      1. Mr Bale is correct, you will likely see the RD fail in less than a year, and the shifting will not be all that great in all gears. Why not just go with 6770, there are still systems being sold online and on eBay, and some good deals to be had.

        1. Hi. Where have you seen parts for sale. I struggled to source a rear derailleur 6770.

          1. Mainly due to its generation age.

      2. Thanks for that. I really don’t understand how the rd can’t be programmed for 10. Or even the 10 programmed for 11. But then I’m just a peon. I suspect someone will do it. Meanwhile I’ll save up for an 11 speed wheel.

  38. Carlton, would you happen to know on Alfine di2 hub , can it controled by the DA 7970 shifters?

    1. Author

      Don, Nothing from the first generation Dura-Ace Di2 7970 system is compatible with any other system.

    2. 7970 Di2 is not comparable with any e tube components.

    3. Author

      Don, the shifters should be compatible with the Alfine hub if everything has the latest firmware, but it hasn’t been specifically verified. If you do verify, please let me know.

  39. Does anyone have any advice about cable routing and battery position on a cervelo p3 2007. I’d like to leave the cable holes in tact in case I returned it to manual shift if I sold the frame. Was thinking of drilling the top tube as per the s2.

    1. Author

      I drilled a hole in the top tube about an inch behind the top tube on my 2008 P2 and used an angled grommet. I was also wanting backwards compatibility.

    2. Author

      Also, I originally installed the battery in the seat post, but found that to be inconvenient when removing the seat post for travel and breaking the electrical connection. So I moved it to the seat post tube in the frame and attached a “retrieval string” to the battery so I could easily pull it out if necessary. It’s partially wrapped in pipe insulation foam and held in place by friction, so no rattle.

      1. Thanks again. Which battery did you use and can it be charged through the 5 port connector?

        1. Author

          I used the standard Shimano internal battery and it is charged through the 5-port A junction.

          1. Sorry is that the SM-BTR2 internal battery?

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