1. I know the guy who started AdBlock, made himself a tidy bit of moolah too and lives out in the Georgia country. Oh! Don’t you use hootlet yet? I use it quite a bit on both Firefox / Chrome, but like you I am disappointed that Chrome doesn’t offer better control over addons and they do not have NoSquint. (I’m surprised you haven’t tried that one, at least it’s not in your list.) I use NoSquint on my 45-inch monitor because I had five eye surgeries in 2012-13 and was legally blind for most of 2012. Now I can see quite well again but I’m so used to viewing screen at 1600×900 but with 3 windows open side-by-side so i set the page zoom to 65% & text zoom to 120%, esp. when I’m working on a webpage / excel dashboard 4 my teams / programming in third window. (women are true multi-taskers after all.) 🙂
    P.S. The benefit of being blind (4 a while): When I cannot sleep I can go for walks on the nature trail behind my home in TX without the need of street lamps which do not exist on the trail. True, the coyotes do stalk me, but they keep their distance what with being able to smell the gun. There are no ‘bad guys’ on a nature trail without a light & I also have 47 years of martial arts training/practice soo….)

    1. Author

      Thanks for the NoSquint tip! My eyes aren’t as bad as yours, but I did have an ICL implanted in my left eye. I’m way too myopic for Lasik. But I only had one eye done, just in case something went wrong…

  2. i get constant crushes eg. adobe flash player, or certain plug-ins, how can i prevent this from happening? i’m just an average guy not a tech guy so any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance Billy.

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