1. Hi Carlton,
    I am converting my Shiv Tri bike to Di2 and will be buying mostly Ultegra 6870 components. If I buy the SM -BCR2 charger/interface, the BT-DN110 battery and the EW – WU111 is there any need to buy the SM- PCE 1?
    Can the SM – PCE 1 do anything that the above combination cannot do?
    (I thought I read somewhere online that problems in getting a Garmin edge 520 and Di2 to connect were overcome only by using the SM – PCE 1)
    Thanks, David

  2. Hi
    could you please help on how to upgrade my dura ace 9070 through E-Tube with SM-BCR2, a W10 laptop, SM-EW90-A, it is like it is not recognized after having installed everything?
    Driver missing?


    1. This should be a very straight forward process, but lets list the steps required.
      1) From your Windows 10 laptop, browse to: http://e-tubeproject.shimano.com
      2) On the top menu, click on: Download the App
      3) Select the blue box: Ver.3.2.1 Download
      4) The downloaded file is a ZIP file and needs to be extracted (E-tube_Proj_V_3_2_1.zip) Note: This is a 95Mb file
      5) Launch the app, E-tube_Proj_V_3_2_1.exe and follow the prompts to install.
      Note 1: The SM-BCR2 must be disconnected from the laptop while the installation runs.
      Note 2: This app requires the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 component from Microsoft. Highly suggest this be installed before installing the E-tube app.

      6) Be sure your laptop has a connection to the Internet
      7) Connect your SM-BCR2 to the EW90-A and then to the laptop USB port.
      8) Launch the E-tube Project app from your desktop.
      9) Select your Di2 Bike Type at the top, Road, Mountain, Urban/City
      10) The app will immediately start downloading all component updates, this is normal. Don’t worry, no updates are being applied to your components yet.
      11) When the MENU appears, CONNECTION CHECK should be highlighted, click on this and let the app find your components. At a minimum, your EW90-A should be visible as long as the battery is connected and has a minimal charge.

      Once the Component Check is completed, you should see other options to help you with your Di2 system firmware updates and setup.

      Hope this helps.


      1. Thanks a lot Jim!
        I followed your instructions and it did finally work and was recognized all the components correctly. I did update to latest firmware. all correct!

        But despite having read the manual:
        when I go to the ‘shift mode setting’, and I select shift mode 1 and 2 to ‘Semi-synchronized shift’ (what does it mean mode 1 and mode 2????btw…) and rear shift up 2 on FD shift down…all set to 2 and I do ‘Complete Setup’ button
        It does not make what I want:
        Semi-synchronized shift is a function that automatically shifts the rear derailleur when the front derailleur is shifted in order to obtain optimal gear transition.

        How should I set it up in order I get Semi-synchronized shifting??

        Thanks again for your support and regards


        1. There are 3 Shift Modes, Normal (manual), Semi-synchronized and Synchronized.
          Normal – No automatic shifting is done, you control both FD & RD changes
          Semi-sync – You control the FD and the RD will automatically shifts to maintain the best gear ratios.
          Synchronized – Allows shifting without duplication of gear combinations. You shift the RD as normal and the FC will automatically shift and with one control input to move the RD and optimize the shift.

          This is not like an automatic transmission, it’s just optimizing your shifts for best FD / RD changes.

          Within the e-Tube Project software, you can customize or select what each of the 2 modes will do. You can also customize the shifts (number of gears to automatically shift up or down). My recommendation is to accept and leave it at the defaults until you have worked with if for a while. If you have changed these settings, you can press the “Restore default values” option within the program.

          To change modes, press the MODE button on your cable junction box A (I use an EW-90). To change modes, press the button twice quickly to change modes, kind of like a double mouse click on a PC. The Green and Red indicator lights will flash to indicate which Shift Mode you have selected.
          One Flash = Mode 0 (normal / manual)
          Two Flashes = Mode 1
          Three Flashes = Mode 2
          The modes will cycle through, 0, 1, 2, then back to 0.

          If you have the D-Fly installed on your Di2 system, the mode can be changed with the Smartphone App.


          1. Thanks Jim again,
            I had a 200 kms sportive last weekend, la mussara in Reus Tarragona, and did not want to mess around just in case…but will definetely try it tomorrow, and let you know.

            I also have the SM-EWW01 ANT Wireless Broadcast Module: so not bluetooth capable.

  3. Thanks for a great and super helpful website!

    Thought I would add some findings I had with my recent Di2 build.

    I had issues trying to connect my iPhone to the E-Tube iOS app. When connecting I was prompted to change the passkey, but every time I tried to enter a new passkey the app suddenly crashed.
    The solution was to go to Application settings and un-check “Verify that the screen for changing the initial PassKey displays.”. After that I could successfully connect through the app.


    1. Author

      Thanks for the info. Seems like a bug that the app doesn’t auto-detect no passkey being required. Set the the passkey using the PC app. I think it’s a good idea to prevent anyone from messing with your settings.

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