1. I have an older Harmony 676 and absolutely love it. It’s a fantastic remote and controls everything I have. (And I don’t work for Logitech or any other remote maker).

  2. I have a great deal of experience with the background of X10, as I have met the owner, Chung Hin Chew. My wife and I wrote a book, Escape from Paradise, much of which is about Mr. Chung. Our book derailed X10’s going public on NASDAQ, their ticker symbol would have been XTEN. X10 had not revealed to the SEC that Mr. Chung was the man behind the operation.

    On October 24, 1984, Mr. Chung had been detained in Brunei by the Brunei police for nearly one year until October 3, 1985. Mr. Chung’s father went into hiding for several years. The father had amassed a fortune, and was an associate of Daniel Arnold, a former CIA agent, who had been involved in the MIA cover-up.

    On November 15, 1988, X10 went into receivership (bankruptcy). The next year, Mr. Chung acquired X10, and moved the company to Hong Kong, where he now lives. X10 is, or was, owned by a Bermuda company. There is more to X10 than meets the idea, as was published in Escape from Paradise.

  3. I’m just curious; how did you know he worked for x10? Is it something obvious, or do you have some savvy tricks up your sleeve?

    1. I knew Chung in Singapore.

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