X10 Wireless Technologies Inc. Tries to Game Digg.com

I recently discovered that X10 Wireless Technologies Inc was trying to post false customer testimonials on my site. Upon further investigation, I also discovered that they “The X10 Gang” has been trying to game Digg.com as well.I found 8 users that I believed to be part of The X10 Gang. I looked-up the Digg and Submission history for these users and found 25 total stories. Of these 25 stroies, 23 either pointed to an X10 website or to a story about X10. These users only dugg stories submitted by one another — but didn’t digg any submissions by any other users. Furthermore, there are two users who have dugg only 1 story each – the same story – and it had only 4 total diggs, all of which were by the “X10 Gang”. (The story details and user names are included below.)

I’m not sure how many actual people comprise The X10 Gang. It might be a group of X10 employees, it might be a single person with several accounts, but I think it is probably a combination of the two.

Luckily, Digg.com is based on the Wisdom of Crowds, and The X10 Gang isn’t big enough to qualify. The most diggs any of the stories received was 5 – not nearly enough to make it to the front page.

I found similar submissions by the same user names at reddit.com, but none of those stories had more than 1 vote and couldn’t tell if there was a conspiracy or not.

I think it is great that X10 Wireless Technologies Inc. is submitting news stories to Digg. But I think their cross-voting collusion is unethical, especially when it is being used for marketing purposes and the users are paid by the company being promoted.

Digg.com Story Title X10 Site or Content? Podateam Inabam Conveyor (Owen) Misslyndsey Markow (marko) Mimallari Tommyboy8811 Larrylegend1981
Ready your thumbs: The iconRemote is getting closer! Y Submitted Dugg
X10 taking on Logitech? Y Submitted Dugg Dugg Dugg
Marko @ X10 – A web producer blog: Something’s going on at X10 Y Submitted
Prolonged Exposure To Infrared Causing Cataracts? Y Submitted Dugg
Social Bookmarking??? (Part I.) Y Submitted
You’ve probably heard of the iPod. Now check out the iParty! Y Dugg Submitted
You’ve probably heard of the iPod. Now check out the iParty! Y Submitted
Windows Vista RC1 – makes re installation of XP troublesome. N Submitted
Is the DMOZ (open directory project) as corrupt as it is inefficient? Y Dugg Submitted
Bier her, Bier her…Home Brewing and Home Automation Y Submitted
The Home Security Dinosaurs Y Submitted Dugg
Emerging Technologies Y Submitted Dugg
Promises, promises. Y Dugg Submitted
Thinking outside the cubicle Y Dugg Submitted
File Mania Y Submitted
2006 Sasquatch! Music Festival N Dugg
German Web Producer for X10 Wireless Technologies Y Dugg Dugg Submitted
Coffee Maker Surveillance Program Y Dugg Submitted
Google Enables AdSense for Search On Your Own Pages Y Submitted
Why the Soccer World Cup is bigger than any American sporting event. Y Submitted
Movable Type and Google’s XML Sitemap Y Submitted
Early Reviews On The iconRemote Y Submitted
My Top 5 X10 Toys Y Submitted
Introducing the X10 iconRemote! Y Submitted
The X10 Wireless Video Sender Kit Y Submitted
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