More Info Regarding your Eye’s Resolution Capability

I found an interesting article related to my 1080P Does Matter post (as well as my Home Theater Calculator.)  It gives some additional perspective on the resolving power of the human eye.  One key difference I noticed is that it states the resolving capability of our eyes to be 0.01 degrees, where as I’ve used a figure of 0.0167 degrees (0.6 arc-minute vs 1.0 arc minute.) This is not a huge difference; both are estimates based on the average eye.  I’m just glad that the values are so close.

The figure I found most interesting was the total resolution capability when taking everything (eye, eye movement, field-of-view, time, the processing power of the human brain).  The figure is astounding: 576 megapixels of image data.  No, this doesn’t mean that high-def video needs to have even higher resolutions; this figure has nothing to do with looking at a home theater screen playing video.

Read the entire article: Your Eye’s “megapixel” Resolution

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