1. Could I make a suggestion? Have the team that engineered the magnet sealed box the Harmony 1000 is packed in design the software for the Harmony 1000.

    Then have the Harmony 1000 software guys design the box to pack it in.

    Result: The consumer will get a good remote and won’t feel bad recycling the box

    On Hold now for ever waiting for your second level tech support.
    I think I will hang up and take this thing back to Worst Buy.

    If you ever complete the B & K reference 50 control codes and add some macro’s drop me a line.

    The Harmony 1000 Looks great but it needs to have a little more programmability than a digital egg timer.

    Gordon Reddy

    off to get a pronto

  2. Gordon: Your post is probably the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks. If my posts had your wit, my traffic would increase 1000%. The Pronto takes time to program, and the software could be easier to use, but you can make it do just about anything you can imagine. I’m pretty particular, so that’s why I have a Pronto.

  3. Just a quick note that I’m able to control my DVR’s (Motorola QIP6416) fast fowrard, rewind, play, pause, etc from the hard buttons. I just tried the directional pad and it worked for me. Until I read your post, I didn’t realize it was an issue for some.

  4. S: You can reprogram the hard buttons on the right side of the remote to be fast-forward, rewind, etc., but they lose their intended functionality of volume/channel up down and directional pad navigation. If you reprogram the existing hard buttons, it is not intuitive what their new functions might be, as the shape and labels denote navigation and channel/volume changing.

    What Logitech should have included is 4 or 5 hard buttons directly below the screen, with the bottom edge of the screen devoted to labels for these buttons. That way, these hard buttons could be programmed to perform any function and the labels on the screen (above the buttons) could be edited to describe those functions. This is what the Philips Pronto does and I can’t believe Logitech didn’t utilize this design.

  5. Interesting- I was using the smaller volume and channel buttons (if memory serves me, they are above the directional) instead of the directional for (obviously) volume and channel. I’m also still able to use the directoinal for navigation in menus, so no loss of functionaly on this end.

    Agreed on the need for programmable hard buttons though.

  6. I’ve been researching remotes, I think I lke the Harmony remotes, I’d love to get a 1 remote does all type unit.

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