1. Hi,
    I have installed the new BT-DN110 Internal Battery so Ivan use synchro shifting. I have the full Dura ace 9070 group set. However, when trying to change to synchro shift etube project has told me to update fd-9070 and rd9070 to the latest firmware as they can not be read. They are both at the latest firmware level however. Any ideas? 😉

    1. Sorry, have found the older comments on this same topic! It’s still not working then! That’s a bit rubbish really.
      Sorry to duplicate the question.

    2. The Junction box A have special method press after Red / Green light flashing then hold button after one red light “keep hold” after light off then OK…. Please try!

  2. I just cam across some SW-R9150 Remote Satellite Shifters (climbing shifter) on a Japanese site. The Shimano website doesn’t have the manual for this yet.
    Does this plug into a standard junction? or are these like the “dumb” sprint shifters that only work in conjunction with the STI levers?
    I am trying to get a TT bike bullhorns shifting solution (has Magura hydraulic TT brakes)

    1. I am in the same situation. I think R600 climbing switches can plug into a 5 port junction box. I read some online forums suggesting that.

      1. SW-R600 climbing switches can be plugged in anywhere in the system except the special sprint shifter port. they can also be programmed to shift the FD/RD, you can have more that one if you like, and they can be routed through any port i.e, JC41, plugged into open any port.

      2. as near as I can tell the SW-R9150 is like a sprint remote button with a satellite remote base. However I have no experience with this new item, but since its being released as part of the DURA-ACE R9150/R9170 available as a programmable Di2 option system, supporting sequential shifting I would guess it is just a two button option (since thats all you need) that mounts on the HB as pictured on the Shimano site. Also I believe all the firmware supporting compatibility between older Di2/e-tube hardware is not released so its not clear how they can be used. I will get a pair and report back when I have an answer.

      1. Just fitted the R9150 shifters. They work perfectly.
        Also fitted the bluetooth battery holder and Bluetooth module.
        Now just waiting for Shimano to release firmware 3.0 for the derailleur so I can get synchro shift!!

  3. For the 9070 DI2 system, how can i pair it with a 11-30 cassette?

  4. Great site!

    I have Ultegra Di2 6870 derailleurs with R785 hydro disc brake shifters. I added the D-Fly EW-WU101 to it.

    A few questions (in descending order of priority for me) that I’m hoping you can help me with regarding the R785 / Di2 system:
    1) Can buttons be added to switch screens on the cyclo-computer? Possibly the SM-EW90-B 5-port junction A — could those buttons be re-programmed to switch screens on the computer instead of being climbing shifters?
    2) Is it possible to check the Di2 battery level from my cyclo-computer?
    3) Is it possible to reprogram the front shifter to reverse the buttons?

    Currently, my D-Fly investment only shows what gear I’m in. That’s nice, but not on my list of desired functions.

    Thanks for the help!

  5. Hi, quick question.
    I have a Ultegra di2 6870 groupset right now. And I want to add ANT+ function. If I get EW-WU101 and NOT the BT-DN110 battery, will it work on ANT+? Reason being, I want to keep the option of adding Bluetooth in the future.

    1. No, the EW-WU101 needs the BT-DN110 in order to work.

    2. Just tried it, WU101 and the old battery and can’t even shift. No problems when using a DN110. They are blocking the use of his combination, for some reason.

  6. have a shimano ultegra di2,
    I have a problem,when check the battery charge i see the normal green led but then i see both red and green led for 1 second.
    where is the problem?

    1. I have same issue. Hopefully someone knows why.

      1. I have this issue too, it seems to be a bug/glitch in the latest update, hopefully it will be corrected in the next update and maybe – fingers crossed – we’ll also get the intellishift update that works 🙂

        1. I thought it was an indication of the system being ready for Bluetooth pairing, ie. from the Shimano iPad app. Pressing the button for 0.5-1.0 second enables this state. I need to test if the blinking correlates exactly to this though. According to some of the comments above, it seems to do it even if you don’t have a WU101, ie. you can’t actually do the pairing.

          1. 0.5-2 seconds it is, then enters pairing mode for 15 seconds. I see no way of checking the battery level from the ew90 anymore, at least not when using the new battery and a wu101. The iPad app will display battery level graphically though, when connected.

  7. I keep trying to unsubscribe but can’t find any link to do so. Could you please delete my email from your list? jimg

  8. Hi Guys,

    I’ve recently changed my 6770 system to have the more recent EW90 junction box. I still have an external battery, but it would be good to be able to charge with the charger that plugs into the EW90. But, when I plug it in I get a flashing red light, when I would assume a solid light if it were charging.

    Firstly, is it possible to charge an external battery with the charger? And secondly, what do the lights on the charger mean?

    Thanks all.

  9. To use the E-Tube Project for Smartphone, will I need the EW-WU111 Wireless Unit.(My bicycle with EW-WU101 Wireless Unit currently works fine with E-Tube Project for PC.)

  10. Hi There,
    with my EW-RS910 bar-end-junction there is a rubberband like thing included – can u tell me what it is for? Is it for wrapping the unit with in to better fit/hold in the bar-end? Thank you in advance! Andy

  11. I received my Wireless Unit EW-WU111 yesterday (16 Feb 2017). It failed to pair with E-TUBE PROJECT for Smartphone on my iPhone 7 Plus. When I unpaired my Apple Watch then E-TUBE PROJECT for Smartphone seems to work. But when I (re)paired my Apple Watch then E-TUBE PROJECT for Smartphone fails again.

    1. Unless something has changed, Bluetooth can only pair with one app at a time.

  12. Hi,
    I have a general question. I am building a s-work venge ViAS just got the frame, however; i want the same Di2 system it originally comes with. Do you know what Di2 system i need for this frame? Thank you

    1. You can choose 6870, 9070 or 9150. Not sure if this is the answer you want.

  13. Are the e-tube cables on the SW-R671 remote TT shifters (right hand, two button design) long enough to reach through a clip on aerobar all the way to plug into one of the right shifter ports? Or is a new Di2 junction box on the stem with 5 ports needed as well?


    1. The wires are around 285 mm long. I think I have the R-600 shifters. It is a tight fit on my TT bike from the bull horn to the 5 port junction on the stem. I doubt if it will come all the way to the shifters on the handle bars from the aero extensions. Somewhere in this thread there are links to posts which discuss extending the length by splicing the wires with some extensions.
      5 port junction might be easier way to go.

  14. Can I use a 9100 di2 rear derailleur with a 9000 di2 group? I want that 30 tooth cog 🙂

    1. Well, yea. But hey, why not opt for the Ultegra Di2 RD and run the 32t x 11t cluster. Pro’s have been using that RD for some time. Oh, it is also significantly cheaper!
      28t may be enough but if you want to climb long and steep having the option of bigger rings on the back is always a plus.

      Enjoy your Di2.

      1. The Ultegra Di2 RD is a definite possibility.

        Was just wondering if the 9150 was compatible. Is it just plug and play?

        I love the idea of a mid-compact (52-36) with an 11-30 cassette. Can basically use it for everything.

        1. As long as your firmware is current on all components you should be good to go.

          Di2 Rocks.

  15. Hello.
    With the new combination of BT-DN110, EW-WU10 and E-TUBE on IPad, will that eliminate the need SM-PCE1 ?

    1. No the SM-PCE1 is required to provide an error check and it also tells exactly which component is faulty. Thus you are saved a lot of trial and error!

      1. Well actually you can Make error check on all or individual components, by E-TUBE on the iPad as well. I tested it myself yesterday. So I am wondering what is the benefit by SM-PCE1

        1. I have the E-TUBE app on my iPhone, here you can customise and update software but can’t do an error check.

          Similarly on my windows pc I can do all above via the SM-BCR2 battery charger but for an error check it requires the PCE unit

          1. i can confirm re the error checking on the Ipad.

            My big question is: Does anyone know when Shimano will release firmware version 3.0 for the derailleurs so I can get SYNCHRO shift working on my TT bike!

            Have setup some new SW-R9150 climbing shifters and they work great.

  16. You mention a typical battery life of 1500 miles. Is that true of the seatpost battery? I have a relatively new bike with UDi2, and I find I need to charge every 400 miles or so (with about 25% battery life remaining). It may be a function of where I live, as very little of our riding is flat, so I’m shifting frequently. And while I’m here, may I say thanks for this post. Very impressive. As I told a friend, it’s everything one could ever want to know about Di2… and then some.

  17. One more question. I would like to put XT-Di2 on an older bike. Can I use the SM-BTC1 bottle cage side battery mount with the new BT-DN110 BT battery.

  18. Synchro shift now available for Ultegra Di2 and Dura Ace 90xx Di2! New app and firmware just posted at the Shimano etube site!

    1. Updated app for Smartphone and firmware for FD-6870 and RD-6870-GS to version 3. Finished customization but synchro shift not working! Tried E-Tube Project for PC with same results.

      1. Yeah me too.
        Got it all setup but how is it activated??
        I tried pushing the button on the 5 port block

          1. Hi Tony. Please elaborate. Which reset button? On the bike or on the app? Thanks.
            I have the SM-EW90-A Junction A.

          2. Never mind. It works! 🙂

          3. Hi. How do you swap between the 3 modes : manual shifting, semi-synchro and full-synchro ? Is it a “double click” each time ? Does the LED shows the selected mode ? IT is for an Ultegra 6870 groupset.

          4. Yes what do you mean by reset button? Is it the button on the front junction SM-EW67-A-E?

          5. I have been away and RTFM, 🙂 Just need to rechargs my laptop to sort it!

          6. What “Reset” Buttton (68xx Ultegra with SM-EW90 -A) .Have updated firmware but a, cannot get either synchro mode to work and b, would also like to know how to swap modes if this is possible Thanks

          7. It’s the button on the junction box. Double clicking it switches modes between full sync, semi sync and normal shift mode.

          8. Aah, double-push circles between the three modes (S1/S2/normal), both leds blinking once, twice or three times after each as an indication of the mode. Too bad my EW90 isn’t in a place accessible while on the bike. I would have to stop to do it. Kind of ok, but would prefer the possibility to switch wirelessly, using a bike computer.

          9. If you have a newer Garmin, you can use that to change shift modes wirelessly. My Edge 1000 with latest firmware does that. As well, it shows when a front shift is about to happen automatically.

          10. I have updated all the newest firmware on my 9070, but there is no any indication by double clicking the junction box button. Do you need to use the new DN battery by activating the synchro shift?

          11. You need the new battery.

  19. Wondering if anyone on hear can help. I had a weird mechanical yesterday. I was going up the hardest hill i have local to me, (ends at about 20%), so was pushing hard in the big cog at the back (28). When I got to the top, i couldn’t change down at all, I spent 5 minutes checking connections on the roadside and trying to get it to go into recovery mode (Hold the button down for 5+ seconds right?), but nothing. Gave up, and turned around for the quickest way home, and halfway down the hill it shifted three cogs down and everything returned to normal.

    ANy idea what could have caused this, and what to do if it happens in the future?

  20. I updated my 6870 firmware to 3.0 to see if it would stop the red light from turning on briefly after a battery check shows green. However, it still does this after the update. Everything still works OK.

  21. I have the Di2 XT components to run as a 1 x 11. XT displan, XT shifter, XT rear deraileur, etubes connected and battery charger plugged in. The only thing is that I have the SM-BTR2 Internal battery. I thought I could use this if I was not going to use the 2 x 11 or bluetooth. The charger does not show a charge. The display does not light up. I’m going to get the proper DN-110 battery, and hope that works, but do you know if this could be the issue?

      1. Carlton will the swr671 bar end shifters work with 11 speed components. Cheers.

          1. Will they shift at all before the firmware update?

          2. I am struggling to update the firmware. The e project software is not recognizing the sw671 shifters and then tells me they are not campatible but no option to update them. Told me to update to latest version of e tube software which I was already running. Confused.

          3. Author

            Try disconnecting different components to isolate the shifters. That may enable the firmware update to go through. Check the Shimano site to make sure there is a newer firmware revision.

  22. Any chance you have driver files for the SM-PCE1? Windows is having a hard time installing the driver. It detects the device but even after installing various versions of the E-Tube project it can’t seem to find the driver required. I’d like to do a manual driver install if possible. Shimano was not able (willing) to provide me with such files.Thanks

  23. I have tried to update my Ultegra 6770 group, but the update failed. Now I can´t use the left shifter (ST-6770-L) E-tube can´t find it and I don´t know how to reinstall it.
    Ca anyone help.

  24. This site is incredibly useful – thanks so much!

  25. Would like to know best location to mount a EW-WU111. I have a 2015 Tarmac which is setup Di2 internal cabling. I understand it can go anywhere in line, is one place better than another, down tube vs seat post below internal battery?

    1. Author

      It doesn’t really matter where it’s located in a carbon frame. Aluminum internal mounting may result in poor signal strength.

  26. Will the SWR671 bar end shifters work with 11 speed.


  27. I hvae some questions concerning the SM-EW90 modul. I updated all my DI2 Ultegra 6870 components with the latest FW and configured my sychrinized shifting. I also installed the new Battery and the DFly wirleless modul. Everything wokrs fine. I have some trouble with the connection to my Garmin 510 (FW 6.1)but that is another topic.

    What I want to know is some information about the several blinking modi of the SM-EW.90 modul. I know the status blinking for battery control adjustment mode and shifting modes. But there even more modi. For example:

    one led blinking green parallel the other blinking red (Blue tooth mode????)

    both leds blinking red (I don’t know)
    one led blinking red the other led is always red (I don’t know)

    Can you help me. Is there an overview abou all modi. That would be great.

    Thank you for helping the german DI2 community.

    Kind regards


  28. I have an older version, circa 2012, ultegra Di2 10 speed with external battery mounted on a Trek Madone 5.2 under the bottom bracket. The bike has not been used in a couple of years but I was still able to charge the battery and get a solid green light at the front junction box. Pressing shifting paddles for either FD or RD does not elicit any response from either derailuer. I also tried to hold reset button for 5 seconds till I had a solid red light and turned the cranks with no response from derailuers. Since power is obviously getting back and forth between battery and shifters, am I correct in assuming that the problem must be with the internal junction box inside the bottom bracket housing?

    1. Author

      Most likely it’s a junction box or cable. You really need the PC software and adapter to troubleshoot. Plugging and unplugging and swapping cables is your alternative.

  29. Hi all
    I’m sure this has been asked before, but I would like to know if it is possible to run a 12-25 cassette with the RD6870 gs (long cage) without any problem?



    1. Thanks I’ll take that as a definite.

  30. I just upgraded to a DI2 disc with an internal BT-DN110 battery and ultegra fd and rd. I was trying to update the firmware and the battery update failed. Now the e tube software will not recognize any of my parts. Any advice on how to rectify this would be appreciated.

    1. Author

      Try connecting the battery directly to the PC adapter via a junction with nothing else connected.

      1. I tried that by removing connectors from the shifters and FD and RD. My e tube software shows a red box in front of both the battery and junction.

        1. Check the chaege level of your battery. It is important the battery has a full charge before making firmware upgrades.

  31. is the Dura Ace FD-9070 fr derailleur compatible with Ultegra ST-6870 shifters?

  32. Hi, I currently have the external fit Ultegra Di2 groupset, with a SM-BTR1 battery mounted just below my bottle cage. Im planing on buying a new frameset and moving all my components across. As nearly all new framesets will take an internal Di2 install, what would I need to convert mine from an external fit to an internal fit? Would I just need to buy the SM-EW90 Front Junction underneath the stem, the BT-DN110 Internal Battery and a SM-JC41 Internal Junction inside the bottom bracket? Then update the firmware? Does the internal battery come with a rubber o-ring to hold it in place inside the seat tube? If I use the SW-R600 Climbing shifter, can I use the 3 port front junction box (in series) or will it only work with the 5 port (in parallel). Thanks for the help.

    1. Author

      Benjamine, your description is correct on the components needed. The internal battery comes with a snap ring for seat post installation; I’m not sure how universal it is. The climbing shifter will work with either config mentioned.

  33. Do you have any information as to what other shift modes Shimano may offer in the future? They don’t seem to have any easy way to offer suggestions. I can see where it might be helpful to be able to have both semi and full sync active at the same time. And, although the drivetrain doesn’t know your cadence, the capability to get cadence info from some other source and do cadence-based shifting would be nice to have.

    1. @Don … An automatic transmission will need more inputs than just cadence. It will need to know what power output you’re wanting. For example, using the same cadence… on the flat with a tailwind I could easily cruise in a hard 50/14t gear at 20mph+ (around 140W) while uphill I’m spinning away in a 34/28t gear at 250W+ and 9 mph. Then to add complexity, what zone of power are looking to use at that particular moment… Recovery, endurance, tempo, 5 min max effort

      1. @Benjamin…I agree with most of your comments regarding an “automatic transmission,” but that wasn’t what I was referring to in my post. I was just seeking a simple cadence-based shift mode. The big issue I see would be in the transitions to/from steep uphills or downhills where your cadence would drop dramatically (maybe to zero on the downhills). A rider would typically shift in advance whereas a cadence based shift mode would not have a prediction capability.

        Regarding your examples, one could ride that way (low cadence in a level, tailwind situation and high cadence on a steep hill climb), that is not generally the way I ride. I think my preferred cadence would be in a narrow enough range (10-20 rpm) that cadence-based shifting should work in that scenario. Where it would fail, though, is if a wanted to switch, for example, from seated higher cadence climbing to standing (not attacking) tempo just to change up.

        Regarding handling different power outputs – you determine that by how much effort you put into it. If you are doing a recovery ride, a cadence-based mode would shift to the appropriate gear to give you your desired cadence at the power you choose to put out. If you’re riding tempo, it would shift to a higher gear (since you would be spinning out on the lower gear with your higher power output). As in the synch mode, you could also adjust the cadence where up and down shifting will occur if desired for different rides with different goals.

        1. Don, for the exact same cadence, sometimes you want a hard gear while sometimes you want an easy gear. It depends on lots of different factors like wind, hill gradient, road surface, drafting, effort zone.
          The control units for automatic transmissions on cars and trucks are complex in their design and make calculations based on many input parameters such as engine speed, wheel speed, engine load, throttle position.
          In my own opinion Di2 is quick, reliable and ergonomic that im happy to use it. Sometimes my sweetspot has layed inbetween gears on a big cassette (wider ratios?) and it’s been handy to flick inbetween two with a twitch of my index finger.

          1. See if Baron Controls Proshift does what you want. proshiftracing.com/

  34. Hi,

    I have a complete DA9150 installed with all the components.

    However when in manual model (M) when i am in the smallest front chainring (36) it will not let me shift to my smallest 2 cogs on my rear cassette.

    I know it protects it but its uselful when removing back wheel.

    Is there anyway to disable this feature?

  35. I have a weird issue with my 6870 Rear derailleur where it was working perfectly for a couple of months but this morning it just started trying to automatically change gears every 2 seconds. It was while i was out riding and to the best of my knowledge it wasn’t hit or anything. Have you ever seen this before? it is literally trying to change every 2 seconds.

  36. Are you going to revise anything on this page to incorporate material about the new EW-RS910 bar end junction box that would replace the older EW90 junction-A box?

    1. On that topic, can the EW-RS910 bar end junction be used with 9070 DI2?

      1. It is compatible with all etube systems, 6770,6870,9070..etc also it’s not a “replacement” just another option, and only compatible with bar/stems that allow for internal cable touting.

        1. I just built up my cross bike with an Ultegra 6870 RD and FD, with a set of 6770 shifters, the EW-RS9150 A-junction box and the new EW-WU111 transmitter. Once all firmware is updated, it all works well. The RS9150 is great for cleaning up the cockpit, but you do need a set of compatible handlebars that will allow you to route the cables internally. I ended up getting a set of Chinese carbon bars, but the internal routing is not for the faint of heart. Also, you’ll either need several different cables, or one of the new Y-cables. I would recommend getting the longest one, as it will make things easier. Mine ended up being too short, so I had to do some soldering to increase the length. There’s a good video on youtube showing how to set up the RS9150 without the d-fly transmitter in the front, if you want to mount it elsewhere in the system (inside the frame, etc.)

        2. Hi Carlton Bale!

          I have an existing 9070 setup (Canyon Aeroad Di2). Assuming I have all existing components updated to the latest firmware, Can I just plug in an EW-RS910 into the loop and expect it to work?

          I’m assuming that I will retain the existing EW90 junction box A…. or am i required to remove the old junction box?


          1. You can only have one junction in the system, so the EW90 will need to be removed. Also be aware you will need a special stem and bar that is compatible with the internal routing, an update of the system may also be required.

  37. > DI2DIY said: White to red, black to shield

    Just to be sure: The polarity of the EW-SD50 is black=negative, red=positive?

    Background: I need to hack my own battery pack because of my LightSKIN. The embedded electronics in this seatpost are using up all available space but by swapping the batteries to Li-Ion I can power both Di2 and LEDs.

    1. Yes red+ blk-, charger white+ sheld-

  38. I have successfully downgraded all the firmware to mix and match 6770 / 6870 / 9070 items. It took me a while and it is not as easy as expected to find the right file for the right version. If it is in your interest Mr Carlton Bale I could do you the favor and write down a “how to downgrad Di2 firmware for dummies” blog. You can contact me if you like…

    1. I want to know, even if Mr Carlton Bale does not. Please and thank you.

      1. -install latest etube
        -go to c/programdata/etubeproect/fw place the old fw files of etube 2.5.2 here
        -check for the parts you want to downgrade which file they need
        -rename the old fw like they were an update (e.g. smbtr2.2.0.1 to the fw name your part has and increase the last digit by +1 = smbtr2.2.0.1)
        -disconnect to the internet
        -run etube, connect only the part you want to downgrade, let etube find your renamed file and do the upgrade – if successful directly disconnect the part from etube
        -parts that need fw from etube 2.5.2 are STIs, Battery and battery holder anything else can run up to date fw

        -sometimes there are several files for that could be loaded for a part that are just little different in the name, you need to try and error which is the correct given name to force the downgrade
        – RD 6870 takes firmware from file for RD 9070 by the way
        – I have used sm-pce1 not sure if it works with the other connection tool

        – I can make it more obvious with pictures in the following days. So far 100% success with every part! Just a little try and error to find the right name for the file.

        Greetings from Germany

        1. The general strategy is as I expected. In my opinion the exact filenames and revisions needed for each particular part is what will allow others to avoid the trial and error procedure. A table showing the answers to “find the right file for the right version” and the versions needed would keep others from having to repeat your trial and error.

          And for me (probably unlike most modern internet users) something like this is best shown with text including the above, rather than pictures. I like to get as much information on a single screen as possible.

          Can I “upgrade” a derailleur or shifter through etube if I do not have a battery connected?

          1. One question, why?
            Wouldn’t it just be easier to just buy compatible components and not fool around with all the silliness?
            Well I guess that’s two questions.

          2. Well if you need to spend $¥£€ for new junction Box for an internal battery or a new Front Derailleur for 11speed. Then it is nice to have the choice to either downgrade or to spend some cash.

  39. Using Ultegra 6870. I just received the SW-900 shifters and connected to the spare E-tube port on the RH shifter and it didn’t work. I then thought I’d connect to E-tube and see if it was configurable in there. The software updated the FW for all components and now the SW-900 shifter works but my front derailleur doesn’t. Any ideas??

    1. is you RD $ FD both 6770 or 6870? you cannot mix 10&11 speed RD&FD.

        1. actually there is no such shifter “SW-900 shifters” what do you actually have

          1. SW – R600 sorry brain fart.

          2. within the software options check the shifter options under customize. there are settings for the R600 and the left and right shifters to program the button function for left, right, and remote. check that all the options are set for the FD for the left shifter, and the remote.

          3. I got a PCE connection direct to the FD-6870 and reset the FW. It must’ve got bricked on the original update. Praise the lord for the PCE unit as this sort of diagnosis can’t be fixed with the charger unit connection to E-Tube. Anyway I thought I’d put this up here for other people to learn from…. I found scant information in regards to FW update faults. Thanks

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