Netflix Raises Blu-ray Prices – I Move to Cheaper Plan

netflixlogoI received an e-mail from Netflix today informing me of yet another price increase, due to the fact that I rent Blu-ray movies. I was paying $11.99 for 2-discs-at-a-time and 4 rentals per month. And this did include the Watch Now online viewing. But over the past few months, Netflix removed the Watch Now from this plan, created a $1 fee to rent Blu-ray movies, and then changed it to a $2 fee monthly fee to rent Blu-ray movies.

So two price increases (from $11.99 to $13.99/month) and one feature removal (no online steaming.) Is this enough to get me to leave Netflix? No. I’ve been a customer for almost 10 years. But it did get me to switch to a cheaper plan ($11.99 for 1-disc-at-a-time, unlimited discs, and unlimited online steaming.) It has also made me more likely to cancel in the future, when other, more convenient options emerge.

Automatic online delivery of true HD movies for a flat monthly fee is my ultimate goal. Netflix and Vudu are converging on this target from two different directions but neither is there yet, and probably won’t be for quite some time. So I’ll continue to wait and be ready to switch to who ever offers the best viewing experience for the lowest cost.

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  • Pete Stagman says:

    Yeah, I got the notice about the Blu-Ray increase.

    I had the 4 at a time plan with Blu-Ray for $1, so the total I was paying was $25.99. I got the notice that my price for Blu-Ray was going to increase to $5/month!!
    A 500% increase?

    I took Blu-Ray off my account. Screw it.


  • chris says:

    I find my netflix use waning. The streaming got a lot of use for a while but hunting for new worthy content through the paltry 12,000 titles was always a chore. So netflix cancellation may be in the near future. Hulu seems like a nice free replacement. I find I buy blu-ray for reference material if the movie is worthy and I’ve been renting through appletv/ps3/local video store when I need a current title.

  • chris says:

    I think I’m going to try redbox out as well.

  • chris says:

    This new rss feed may help me use instantplay more:

    Now if only there was a “HD” option…

  • GreedyCorporations says:

    one thing I must say to the greedy corporations.I go to the library and rent movies for free.renting blu rays is like living in Hawaii and cost more. Blu rays cost the same as DVD. you can buy blu ray for 8.00 for movie and 4.99 a movie Ive seen.Netflix dose not need to charge extra but if they want to be greedy then I would find another way to rent my the way I shut off my TV 5 years ago and I like it much better.

  • GreedyCorporations says:

    Save your money and stay home.why fuel the could be next to be layed of your job.Jerry brown is going to cut 12 billion more from the state of California.SSI people saw 200 dollar decrease. IHSS massive cuts.Day care cuts. Medicare no longer covers Dental I have to pay 300 dollars to go to the your money and be careful.Netflix is good quality but there will be time when its to much for me to afford.I like having less stuff.I would rather buy food.I have got some really things at the thrift store.

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