1. Great review. Amy and I are considering something like this as our next laptop. When you get a chance, tell us more about Windows 7. I’m asking because the other debate in the house is PC v. Mac for the next laptop. Obviously the price point is way different…but still on the table. Hope you’re doing well, CB!

    1. KC: Windows 7 is the best version of Windows yet. It’s fast, stable, feature-rich, and very attractive. Microsoft has basically addressed every complaint with Vista. The user interface is very efficient and I actually prefer it to OS X (which I’m using right now.) The benefits of Windows of what they’ve always been: wide variety of hardware, huge selection of compatible software, and a generally lower price point. Security is better under Windows 7 but you’ll still need to install an antivirus program (I recommend AVG free.)

      But if you don’t need the variety and flexibility offered by Windows, which most average consumers do not, I think Mac OS X is a slightly better option if it fits your budget. It’s designed to run on very specific hardware, which allows Apple to fine-tune it for a more consistent experience. Apple hardware is very high-quality, better than that of most PCs. For example, their touchpad is second-to-none and the new uniibody aluminum MacBooks and MacBook Pros are extremely well designed. On the downside, there is a bunch of software that will not run of Mac (which is why Windows is my primary PC), but most people don’t have the specific requirements I do. There is also a learning curve for Mac that can be frustrating for the first few weeks (such as no dedicated Delete key but rather a Backspace key that is labeled Delete.)

      Windows 7 can be downloaded for free starting this Tuesday and will work for a year before you have to pay for the retail package. I recommend giving it a try, but you really should backup everything on the drive and reformat it. (Or send me the laptop and I’ll do it for you.) If it doesn’t offer the simple experience you’re looking for, then I’d definitely recommend a Mac (hardware and software) because they are very hassle free. And you can still install Windows on them if you want all the benefits it offers.

  2. i think that the design of the MSI Wind is much better than the Asus Eee Pc. I own an Asus Eee and Msi Wind, both are solid performers.

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