1. I was given these as a gift …last xmas , they lasted about 8 months then died .Jaybird replaced them Those replacements just died after less than 50 uses …As I dont have the receipt (it was a gift ) they offered to sell me a pair for $104 .Why would I buy a pair of headphones that consistently die prematurely?
    They are great when they work , but these headphones die faster than any other brand , so buyer beware

  2. Great advice on the factory reset. Started sounding really static-y 2 and a half months in, but the factory reset completely cured it. We’ll see how long it lasts!

  3. I tried the factory rest did not work. They just keep cutting on and off now. 🙁

  4. I also brought these and after about 9 times if using (charging) they do not come on again. When charging they still have the red light but when unplugged they are dead. I always look to pay a bit extra to get quality but super disappointed with these.

  5. I have the Jbird headphone for about a 10 months, it ceased to work just recently. When plugged its just green lights, and when unplugged it doesnt turn on. Factory reset doesnt seem to work. Feeling disappointed.

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