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About a year ago, I somehow happened upon a request from computer case manufacturer CoolerMaster to browse their new website and provide feedback on areas where improvements were needed.  In short, the site was terrible, with coding errors, navigation issues, and worthless search capabilities. I provided feedback thinking that they would actually value it and make some improvements. They didn’t.

Even worse is the fact that I was signed-up for their newsletter in the process. I have one of their computer cases and thought the newsletter may be of interest. It turns out it wasn’t, so I used the unsubscribe link and unsubscribed. I recieved the newsletter again the next month and unsubscribed again. And the next month as well.  And then I tried the “unsubscribe via reply e-mail” method. I received yet another e-mail the next month. I unsubscribed via reply again and still continue to receive e-mails.

Today it was even worse. I received a CSX Newsletter, with different unsubscribe links that require me to sign-in to a site I’ve never visited and for which I have no account. CSX is a division of Coolermaster.

A non-functional newsletter system is unacceptable for any company, much less for one selling computer components. I’m giving up on the unsubscribing; this is flagrant spam. Coolermaster obviously has no respect for their customers and regret ever having purchased one of their products.

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