1. Do you know if the brake TT levers ST-R8060-R will work with the bar end shifters SW-R671 please.

    1. Author

      Yes they will work together, but check the Shimano compatibility chart linked in the post above to verify.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  2. Hi, I have St-R8050 Shifters, SM EW90-B Di2 Cockpit Junction Box 5-Port, Di2 SM-JC41 Internal Junction Box (4 ports), FD 8050 Front Derailleur, RD 6870 SS Rear Derailleur, Di2 External Battery Mount SM-BMR1-S, Di2 External Battery Mount SM-BMR1-S. and somehow the Shimano E-TUBE doesn’t recognize the battery. It is brand new battery and brand new Battery mount but system can’t recognize them, shows “Unit is not detected”. Any suggestion or recommendation? Thank you so much.

    1. Author

      First, make sure everything has the latest version of firmware. Second, try connecting to just the battery and not everything else, with just 1 wire between the Junction A and the battery.

      1. Hello, Thanks for your reply.
        My current RD-6870 firmware is the newer 3.0 version, That I cant get it working with my old firmware SM-BTMR2 external battery, and ST-R785 shifter. That I have them downgraded to the old 2.5.2 version.
        However, I cant find any RD-6870 related file in the FW folder. Could you help to share that older version? Or is it using other file name in the FW folder. Thx

        1. Author

          Sorry, I’m not sure where to find that file. I only have the 2.5.2 software install package, not the individual firmware files.

          1. Hello, I have the eTube 2.5.2 version installed. But the SM-BTR2 firmware version is SMBMR2.2.3.1.
            My 6770 groupset is not working with my RD-6870 rear derailleur.
            Could help to inform where can I find the SM-BTR2 BATTERY FIRMWARE AT V2.0.6 OR EARLIER?

  3. Hey,

    I’m new to the whole di2 concept and getting lost in a maze of serial numbers online. I’m looking at getting my first triathlon and because where I live is quite hilly I like to have a certain setup with the shifters that I’m not sure is possible. Ideally, I would like 6 shifter buttons, dual buttons on the tt bars to control both the front and rear mech, and then shifters on the breaks to control the rear mech (or the other way round). I know Syncro shift would probably work for what I want but I’d like the ability to be able to drop the front mech when going from fast flat to a steep incline.

    So basically, I think my question is. Is it possible to have 6 different shifters on a tt bike and how what would the setup/junction boxes look like?


    1. Author

      JR, this the standard triathlon/time trial setup. There is no limit to the number of shift buttons. You need a left/right SW-R671 Dura-Ace 2-Button Time Trial/Triathlon Bar End Shifters (or similar), left/right ST-6871 Ultegra Time Trial/Triathlon Dual Control Brake Levers/Shifters (or similar), and a 5-port SM-EW90-B 5-port Front “A” Junction (or similar.)

  4. Hello, i have a bike with an older 6770 kit, that comes with an external battery.. It’s a second hand bike and didn’t come the charger. If i updated junction block a to the latest version that has the pc link and and charge port, would it be possible the use the latest charger to charge this battery? Or do i need to get the external battery charger. Thanks

    1. Author

      Al, you have to use the external battery charger for the external battery. Only the internal battery can be charged via the the newer A junction charging port.

    2. Hi Al, If your interested I have a spare charger for the external battery including a spare battery. Let me know if you are interested. I am living in the Netherlands.

      1. Thanks for the offer Jos, I am in the states so shipping may be a bit much. I’m considering just biting the bullet and updating to the newer battery with the associated hardware.

        1. Thanks for your reaction. One of the nice features of the new internal battery is Synchro-shifting. I am very pleased with it.
          Succes upgrading your bike.

          1. Hello Jos are you using a 6770 group with synchro shift? I searched and looks like i can’t use it for my group unless i do more upgrades 🙁 i may have to consider your offer

          2. I am using the 6870 11 speed front and rear derailleur.


  5. Hello Carlton…Thanks for your thorough and detailed summary. I have a Trek Domane SL road bike with a Shimano Di2 setup. I also have a Garmin Edge 810 computer. The Edge provides the option of displaying the Di2 Battery Life while I’m riding and I’d like to know that although it’s not critical. I’m also interested in the synchronized shifting, especially when I down shift from the big ring to the smaller ring, I’d like the rear derailleur to go up two gears, a fairly common option.

    My questions are: What additional components are needed to enable the Di2 to communicate with my Edge? I believe I will need the DN110 internal battery and the EW-WU101 and EW-WU111 ANT and Bluetooth Wireless Broadcast Modules. Is this correct? What is the difference between the WU1010 and WU111? Do I need both? Any cables? Assuming I installed this, or had it installed, will I need to use the E-Tube Project software to program the shifting?

    Thanks for your help.

    Regards, -Burton

    1. Author

      Burton, you are correct, you will need the DN110 internal battery and either the EW-WU101 or the EW-WU111 Bluetooth/Ant module. The two modules are identical in functionality; the only difference is the shape. You will most likely need on additional eTube wire to place either module inline. (You could install the SM-EWW01 ANT-only Wireless Broadcast Module if you just want Garmin gear selection display but need the new battery for SyncroShift.)

      For SyncroShift, you’ll need a 6870 or newer derailleurs and the DN110 internal battery.

      You’ll need the Windows eTube software to update the firmware after installing the new components, to enable/configure SyncroShift, and to enter gear ratios.

      1. Thanks Carlton. Appreciate the update. Seems like a lot of time, money and effort. For now I’ll pass. Appreciate the education.

  6. Hi Carlton, I have a 6870 series (Groupset) 11 speed Di2 setup that has the external SM-BTR1 battery and SM-EW67 A-E junction. I just upgraded my RD to the XT M8050 to allow a 11-34 cassette. I am told the firmware needs to be updated as evidenced by the new 8050 does not work while plugged in, and the FD now fails to function. I purchased a EW-WU111 to assist me in the firmware updates and other bluetooth functions. I just read the SM-EW67-A-E is not compatible with the EW-WU111. I prefer to not upgrade the battery to a BT DN110. Is there a better was to:
    1. Achieve firmware updates?
    2. Achieve Gear display and battery % on my 510 Garmin via another wireless D-fly system?
    3. Can a SM-EW90 work with the SM-BTR1 battery?


    1. The DN-100 external battery holder has the memory function to work with the EW-WU111 Bluetooth.
      Avoid doing firmware upgrades via Bluetooth. You run a very high risk of bricking the system and will then need the PCE unit to restore any Di2 functionality. Typically a decent bike shop will have one of these.
      Just use the Bluetooth for setting changes, such as Synchro.

    2. Author

      Kevin, you’ll need to update the firmware on everything using the Windows eTube software and PC adapter. The Bluetooth module won’t work until you update all other firmware first. As mentioned, you probably should do future firmware updates via Bluetooth due to higher possibility of failure.

      Yes, the SM-EW90 will work with the SM-BTR1 but it won’t charge it.

      You can achieve Garmin gear selection display via the Bluetooth/Ant+ modules or the Ant module alone. For Bluetooth phone settings support, you will need the DN110 internal battery (or the new external battery) and either the EW-WU101 or the EW-WU111 Bluetooth/Ant module. The two modules are identical in functionality; the only difference is the shape. You will most likely need on additional eTube wire to place either module inline. You could install the SM-EWW01 ANT-only Wireless Broadcast Module if you just want Garmin gear selection display – it does not have Bluetooth and does not require the newer battery.

      1. Thank you Carlton for your advice. I am now looking at installing the SM-BTR2 with the SM-EW90-A to function with the EW-WU111. I will also pickup the SM-BCR2 charger with USB PC adapter to update the firmware to correct the current non-function/compatibility between the FD 6870 and the new XT M8050 RD. Hopefully this plan is sound.
        Thank you again.

  7. Hi Carlton, I am currently using DA 9100 on a Tri bike. I have the 9160 switches on the extensions, and 9180 shifter/hyd brake levers. My question is, can I use the 9150 climbing switches to work in conjunction with the 9160s to shift the rear derailleur, and program the 9180s to shift the front derailleur? Anything I need beyond wires or junctions? Thank you in advance.

    1. Author

      Bill, this setup should work fine as long as you add enough junctions and wires. You can configure all of the buttons using the Shimano eTube software.

  8. Hi Carlton, Can a BMR1 charger and the mount for external batteries be used for the SM-BMR2? And does the SM-BM DN100 used the same charger as the BMR1 and hardware or another set of components? Thank you.

    1. Author

      Kevin, I believe the batteries themselves are interchangeable but you will not get features of the newer firmware. But everything must be updated to the latest firmware version. I have not done this myself, so hopefully someone else can confirm.

      1. Thank you for the advice.

  9. Hi! I have 6770 sti levers and front derailleur and a SM-EW67-A-E. They are not updated beyond 2.5.2 firmware.

    I must buy a RD and battery mount( already have external battery). I’m thinking about getting a rd-6870, as my parts isn’t updated it should work with 11-speed.

    Does it matter if I buy SM-BMR1 or SM-BMR2 (new from retailer), is there a risk that they will be updated beyond 2.5.2 and thereby making mixing 10 and 11 speed derailleurs impossible?

    1. Author

      You will almost definitely need to update everything to the latest firmware to get the new parts to work. They will come with the latest firmware. My recommendation is that if you want to update to 11-speed, upgrade both derailleurs.

      1. I have now got my system working with 11-speed using:
        SM-EW67-A-E. ST-6770, FD-6770, RD-6870 and SM-BMR2
        I have upgraded (and in some cases downgraded) firmware to e-tube 2.5.2 using SM-PCE02. No problems with this setup.

        Warning! I first used a SM-BMR1 battery mount and only the front derailleur worked. It could not be updated using the SM-PCE02. E-tube could not find the SM-BMR1. I suspect that to update the SM-BMR1 you need the Sm-PCE1. I bought a SM-BMR2 and had no problem updating that using the SM-PCE02.

        1. Hi, Martin, could you inform which firmware file did you used, on updating the RD6870? I cant locate a 6870 named dat file in the FW folder, in 2.5.2 firmware folder.
          Please help. THX

  10. I installed SW-R671 into my Di2 6870 road bike. It’s shifting okay but my etube does not recognize my SW-R671. What shall I do to make it recognize?

    1. Re: steps #3 & 4 on adjusting rear derailleur trim-are you saying push the lever that normally moves the chain to a higher gear & use it to move the chain toward the 4th cog. Then after you hear it rub, hit the other lever 4 times. The 4 times -does it calibrate or realign and make the shifting all fixed? I am struggling, my shifting is off & when I fix one area on the back cogs, another area starts messing up. Thanks for any help.

  11. I have a 9070 Dura Ace full groupset. My question is can I install or add wifi cable to make it wifi capable? Because I brought it to my local bikeshop and they said it is not possible due to compatibility issue of 9070 rear deraileur. But before I guve up, I still want your oppinion and knowledge on di2’s specifically on this issue.



    1. Author

      Carl, I assume you mean Bluetooth and not WiFi (there is no WiFi module.) If you have the newest battery, you can use the Bluetooth module. All of the details are in the article above and have been discussed recently in the comments.

  12. Hi, my bike is equipped with Di2 9150 and the battery is constantly discharging. The bike shop I purchased the bike from have replaced two batteries and all the wires and the problem continues to persist. Currently the battery life is less than 6 hours after a full charge.
    Note, the bike is still just over 12mths old and I known Shimano warrants these components for two years. The shop have been great support but the problem is beyond frustrating. I suspect it is the front derailleur..?

    What are your thoughts?

    1. Author

      It’s hard to say it’s the front derailleur for certain, but at this point, the bike shop should start swapping parts to make the problem go away. That is crazy low battery life. I’m assuming they have made sure everything has the latest firmware version. It should be possible to measure current draw on the batter with a multi-meter; there should be a drop in current draw when the offending component is disconnected. You will need to sacrifice a Di2 wire (cut one of the leads and place multi-meter in series) to measure the current draw from the system battery. https://youtu.be/7lwZkl0yBqA?t=94

  13. I have one of these leads. I had a Fluke DMM connected in series with it, it did not read great, and it effected the calibration of the rear derailliuer. I then used a clamp on mA meter and this worked fine. I found my rear derailliuer was drawing 2.0mA . Changed the derailliuer and all ok since. You could always check the voltage drop twice a day for a few days, this will point you to the faulty item. Firstly disconnect the rd, then the fd. As your battery is dropping quickly, it should be fast to pin point the problem. Mine was not and it looked like a battery problem .

    1. Hi, just some feedback I have tried the basics and disconnected the front and rear derailleur and the fault tends lead to the front unit. What I have also noticed the battery discharges quickly when the system is in semi or auto mode which again makes no sense..? As previously mentioned, the bike shop has replaced all the wiring and charging unit but the problem still persists. After a full charge, I have done just over 100kms and my battery power is on 70% and this is when the power discharges rapidly after each use.

  14. Hi, hope you can give me some guidance here. When I charge my Di2 it lasts less than 4 rides (30/40 miles each) and 2 weeks. I charge following your recommendation until lights turns off. I noticed that when I “test” the battery it shows green and 3 seconds after it shows green and red together.
    What do you recommend me doing? Something is not working well because I read it should last at least 1000 miles or so.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Any recommendation to my question Carlton? Have you seen that before?

    2. Author

      Eduardo, your battery might be bad. But it’s more like that one of your derailleurs is bad and is continuously pulling power. Trial-and-error is the only way to figure out which component it is. Read through the recent comments on this post for others who have experienced the same problem.

  15. What about changing a older sm-btr1 to the btr2 so I can get synchronized shifting what’s the process? Tried looking online but really can’t find anything. I know firmware but will the battery just plug in with the same connector?

    1. you need the DN-110 battery for synchronised shifting. BTR-1 and BTR-2 do not have the memory function to support synchro.

  16. My bike has ultegra Di2 6770 system, may I ask can I replace the RD 6770 by Dura Ace RD 9070? Thank you.

    1. Author

      No,both the front and rear derailleurs need to both be 11-speed (or both 10-speed). Upgrade both front and rear, or get a new rear to match the front.

  17. Hi Mr Bale. Do you know if is possible I become a 7970 di2 10v road groupset to 11v speed only changing the rear derailleur to 11v (like a 6870 or 9070 for example)? thank you

    1. Author

      Cesar, this conversion is not possible. 7970 components are not compatible with anything else. Full details are in the article above.

    2. Dura-Ace 7970 10s is completely incompatible with any of the 11 speed E-TUBE system.

      If you want an 11 speed setup you will need a completely new 11s group

  18. Hi and thank for an extremely informative page!
    I have a system with st6770, sm-bmr1, sm-ew67 and I’m changing from 10 to 11-speed derailleurs. To do this I have updated firmware using sm-pce02.

    The update process work well for all parts but the sm-bmr1. E-tube can not find it and I get a message saying I need a sm-bcr1/sm-bcr2/sm-btr2 for the system to work.

    Shifting works like normal when using the old 10-speed derailleurs.

    Any Ideas how to get e-tube software to find and update the sm-bmr1?

    1. Now I also tried clicking on the “cable icon” in e-tube and connect just the sm-bmr1 but with the same result. Hm….

      1. It was my understanding that 10 and 11 speed won’t work together with the latest firmware and this needed rolling back, your 11 speed rear will undoubtedly have the latest firmware? I presume you’ve used the sm-bcr02 to plug into the sm-bmr1 via the etube cable?
        The article also states that

          1. I have now solved the problem. It seams that the sm-bmr1 cant be updated with the sm-pce02. I got a SM-BMR2 instead. Updated it and everything works ok.

  19. Hi
    I tried to run an update on 6670 groupset. During the uptate it failed and now e-tupe wont reconize the left lever. I have tried to connect in both ports in the lever on its own, and also via other components. But it do not appear 🙁 Is there a solution, or do I need to get a new left hand lever 🙁
    Thanks in advanced

    1. Sorry its a 6770-L lever and groupset of course

  20. Is there any documentation of the overall protocol used on the e-tube bus for the STEPS systems, specifically the D5000 gear? I assume it’s the same for the D6000 etc. I have seen comments on some forums that suggest it’s encrypted.

    1. Author

      I’ve never seen it fully documented, but it’s a standard CAN protocol and it’s not encrypted. You can attach an oscilloscope to the harness and read the commands. The most common commands are right shifter upshift/downshift and left shifter upshift/downshift that are sent when activating the shifters.

  21. Hi Carlton

    first thank you for your site and info on DI2. it has been very helpful and informative.

    i have a question:
    have you ever dealt with an error message in etube saying there was an issue connecting to the PCE-02? And that if the problem persists it could be a faulty PCE-02?
    i was trying to revert my firmware to mix and match RD-6870 and FD-6770. Halfway through the process (i believe when i was updating the battery to the “new version”) it gave me the fault, and now i can’t even connect

    any thoughts?

    thank you very much for your time

    1. Author

      I’ve never heard of this before. I’d be surprised if there was a hardware failure during the update. It seems more likely that there is a PC software problem. I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling everything.

      1. thank you! i’ll give it a try

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