My Favorite Part of The TV Season: Finales, Fall Schedules, and Cancellations

My favorite portion of the TV season is mid-May. The sweeps period is ending. There are multiple new episodes of (pretty much) every show. There are Season Finales that wrap-up the season and make you look forward to next September. There are Series Finales that let you say “good bye” to your favorite shows. There are “advertiser up-fronts” by each of the major networks, detailing their renewals and new shows for the next season. Unfortunately, there are also the unexpected/unwanted cancellations, but at least you find out for sure that a show will not be back.

Thus begins my once-a-year flurry of television-related posts. Over the next couple of days, I will share my thoughts for May 2007 in the areas of Season Finales, Series Finales, Cancellations, Renewals for Fall 2007, and New Shows for Fall 2007.

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