Television Season Finales – Spring 2007

My thoughts on the Season Finales, where the season actually has a satisfying story arc:

CSI: In response to ABC moving Grey’s Anatomy to the same timeslot, CSI upped the ante by introducing a season-long mystery: the Miniature Serial Killer. It worked. It improved on an already great show. It fascinating how the inability to catch the serial killer has impacted each character; I can’t wait to see how the season ends.

Friday Night Lights: The finale was several weeks ago, but it was an end-cap to a flawless season. This show is the best drama on TV, even when compared against the detective/forensic/medical competition. I originally thought “This show is going to suck; I’ve already seen the move and they can’t make an entire season out of that.” I was wrong. The show isn’t about football, it’s about life.

Heroes: The season finale was obviously planned as the first show was written. There has been a gradual build-up to the finale during each episode of the season and I’m anticipating a dramatic conclusion next week.

House: I just started watching the show and am fascinated by the compassionate, cruel, and self-destructive main character. The medical investigation aspect is somewhat interesting and I’m still puzzled why someone ends up rooting through the underwear drawer at the patients house, but need to try to psychoanalyze Dr. House is reason enough to watch. I’m wondering how much self-destruction there’s gonna be.

How I Met Your Mother: I’ve only seen about half of the episodes this season, but this show is consistently and inventively funny. The finale, involving a major break-up, could not have been pulled-off on any other show. And apparently sent-away a major cast member. Wow.

Smallville: The 2005-2006 season (“The College Year”) was pretty much unwatchable. I skipped many episodes and fast forwarded through the others. What a difference this year has been: no College setting at all, Lex becomes more evil, the Justice League gets together for the first time, and there are a bunch Phantom Zone super villains to confront. It looks like this show may actually have couple of more seasons in it.

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