1. I get the same effect by taking off my glasses (the two faces switching demeanor that is).

    Since I wear my glasses when I watch tv and my livingroom, 720 will work for me. Not that I’m not eyeballing the 1080 sets, I just can’t justify it now.

  2. I read the comments follwong the article “1080P Does Matter article” and was astounded at the fact that people just couldn’t grasp the idea that ocular perception (eyesight) was the limiting factor when it came to a certain point in the distance/resolution tests.

    I am a scientist and I know I have an advantage when it comes to reading charts and graphs due to my training and experience. However, some of the information seemed common sense to me, one in particular. The fact that at some given distance it doesn’t matter what resolution is being displayed it will all look the same. Basically, if you’re far enough away…all resolutions will look like crap.

    Seemed simple to me.

    PS -Taking off my glasses with the pictures above worked for me too….LOL.

  3. The only thing left now is to find a way to make the tv shops play this picture when you are buying your new hdtv 🙂

  4. The image test is helpful to determine whether a 720p or 1080p is best for viewing. However, doesn’t some of the newer technology in the 1080p sets enhance the picture’s color/contrast/sound) and therefore make the 1080p set a better choice? Compare for instance two Pansonic 42″ plasma sets (TH-42PX75U vs TH-42PZ700U)and notice the speaker system, number of color shades and input/output categories.

  5. I’ve seen stores putting a 42″ 720p plasma set (TH-42PX75U) next to a 50″ 1080p plasma set (TH-50PZ700U). Guess which one was getting the attention.

    The 4096 shades of colors was the main eye catcher.


  6. It has seemed to me that upconversion of resolution to the screen res is inherently more accurate than downconversion to the screen. That is, where are the edges located in an image? In the jaggies? downconversion from, say, 1440 to 720, with an edge between the two 1440 pixels, then it’s a toss where to put the edge in the 720 image. If so, could there may be an advantage to having a screen that can display the highest intended source resolution to be displayed. Or, are the jaggies as invisible as the pixel outlines are beyond the distance of discrimination? Or, is that something that can be anti-aliased away?

    Great site; I just stumbled on it via some wild and crazy google-surf-google-surf…etc.

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