1. Andy – I had the exact same problem with my 46″ last month – we tried 4 cable cards – Suddenlink Cable said it was the Mitsubishi television – Circuit City said they would order me a new television and change it out for free, then they changed their mind and said the problem was with the cable card. I got tired of arguing with both sides for 2 weeks and just went with the cable box – of course, one of the main reasons I went with the Mitsubishi was for the cable card feature – now, I have to rebuild my mantle to allow for the cable box. 🙁

  2. I too have a LT-37131 that randomly shuts off. I have no cable card and have had a repair man out twice, but he doesn’t really attempt anything, just toys with the remote and settings. I have had it at my apartment and now a house (two completely different power sources) and experienced the problem in both places. The problem has significantly lessend overtime but still occurs.


    1. A friend gave me a 2006)lt37131 it. shuts off buttons on front don’t work it plays girl games but just said it had a time and to enter pass code to stay on I have no remote does it have a fan it mine don’tso ibput it on stand onbfloorwith tan behind it it quit shutting down until this time limit crap with pass code how am ibsupposer tobenter it with no remote and no buttons working lolulll

  3. October 2006, I bought the LT-37132, until 2 weeks ago the TV was perfect. Then the TV shut off, blue LED flash then I was able to power back up. From day 1 I am using a surge protector. The problem is getting worse, the TV shuts down more often and today it shut down 3 times. The third time the blue LED did not flash, it just stayed off, unable to turn on TV. About 1 hour later the blue LED came back on. It seems like something in the TV is overheating and causing the TV to shut down. My TV is a little 1 year old, is this covered under warranty ? is there a recall ? is this a known problem ? did anyone have this fixed ? if so, what was the problem and how much did this cost ?

    Please Help !!!!!

  4. Rob/Ryan,
    What ended up happening with your TV that was randomly shitting off? Mine is in the repair shop and they cannot figure out what is going on with it.

    1. We would really like to have our Mitsubishi
      LT 46131 wall mounted. How can we get rid of the stand

      1. Author

        The TV has a standard VESA mounting pattern on the back. Any Universal TV Wall Mount should work. Just measure the distance between the mounting screw holes on the back of the TV to make sure you get the correct size mount. This one SHOULD work, but make sure measure first: https://amzn.to/3B06tU7ds

  5. Matt, Yes my TV just randomly shuts off. My TV sits in a cabinet, however the back of the cabinet is open, good ventalation. I heard that the back of the inside of the TV collects a lot of dust. The dust might cause the TV components to heats up causing the TV to shut down. I did not want to take the TV into the shop because the problem is so random and pay $100 for a No Trouble Found. If you or anyone has a fix please post it.


  6. Matt, I have not done anything about it yet. It is a rare occurance, once a week or less. I will likely be talking to mitsubishi soon. Let me know if the repair shop finds anything.

  7. All,
    Last weekend I moved my TV within the same cabinet while it was off. In fact, the TV was off at least 1 hr prior before moving the TV (TV was cold). After repositioning the TV I then turned it on, it did not turn on. I moved the power cord going into the base of the set, after moving the cable around, the TV started to work. I think my problem is the power cord going into the bottom of the base of the TV is loose or not making a good electrical contact. If the TV goes out again I will move the power cord around or else take the cover off the back of the TV to see if there is a visual loose connection.

  8. We have a Mitsu LT-46231. Moved it to a different spot in the house. There are 2 HDMI inputs on the back of the TV. One works now and the other doesn’t. I can’t get any response to inputting the 2nd HDMI cable. Tried a reset and nothing worked. We are running Satellite HD-DVR into one input and trying to hook a Panasonic DVR into the other. DVR is not displaying picture. Sound WAS working but now the input is totally unresponsive. Any help? Thanks!

  9. I’ve had to remove many of these models that have been installed for people. There is an obvious defect but I don’t think they are going to admit it. I would returns these back to the place where you bought it if you’re having problems with it.

  10. I’ve owned a LT-37131 for 2 years now, and this random shut off problem described here has occurred every few months, but only on one particular free-over-the-air channel. And then, about a week ago, it started to happen all the time… but still only on this one particular channel. The curious thing is that it occurs both from the Antenna *AND* from the Clear QAM cable signal.

    Because it’s occurring repeatedly only on one channel, and on both signal sources (Antenna and Clear QAM Cable), I’m pretty sure it is not a power supply problem. It feels very much like a software glitch having something to do with a variation of a particular broadcast signal.

    Does that make sense? Seems like a crazy theory, but there it is anyway.

    That said, is there a firmware upgrade for the LT-37131? If so, how do you apply it?

  11. I have a newer and slightly larger model, the LT-52244 Diamond. Would these settings be useful for my set? Any suggestions for the LT-52244 settings? Thanks in advance!

    1. These settings probably wouldn’t apply, but you could give them a try an see. These use different LCD panels and electronics, so other than the brand, they are not very similar.

  12. It may be a little late in the life of this product to try solving this problem, but I thought i’d give it a try…

    I’ve found that when I view SD programs from my TiVo S3 through my Mitsubishi LT-46231, the image is slightly stretched and cropped. I had posted details of this issue to the TiVo community forum:


    but didn’t get any TiVo-specific replies that confirmed the problem. So maybe it’s a Mits issue?

    Things to note:
    – If I view the TiVO using the MIts “standard” format (stretching the image horizontally to fill the screen), the cropped content shows up (even though it’s stretched), so the TiVo appears to be putting the full picture out.
    – If I view an SD broadcast through the TiVo, and compare it to the same signal viewed directly on the Mits, the Mits view of the broadcast doesn’t exhibit the same cropping issue.

    So my questions to you are:
    – Would this be a problem with how the Mits handles external sources, or a TiVO problem?
    – If the former, is there a way to adjust how the Mits scales and crops SD content coming in through an external source?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.


  13. I am having a problem with the input #3 not working on my TV. I am trying to connect a WII to it and it won’t work. Does the TV have to be set on something specific to get that input to work? Any help would be appreciated! Jennifer

  14. LT-37132 turns itself off after 2 hours and blue light flashes many times. Can turn back on after light stops flashing.

    1. Author

      You most likely have a failing power supply, but could be something else. It can be diagnosed and replaced by a TV repair technician.

  15. I am trying to get speakers for my aunts LT-46231. My uncle installed a sub before he passed. Will a sound bar work? what type of connections should I be looking for?

    1. Author

      Your best bet would be to use the RCA left/right connectors. Not sure that optical digital is possible.

  16. My LT-46231 sat through its warranty period unused in my dad’s bedroom before he decided he didn’t need it. I brought it home in new condition but it has had the shutting off randomly problem. Worse on one OTA station than others, but does it on all stations. Can restart after blue flashing most of the time. Occasionally have to reset to turn back on. It loses memory every time this happens (E.G., clock and previous channel data lost and goes to channel 2). Happens more frequently soon after turning on. Sometimes loses data after normally turning off. Have done nothing since no warranty. I see a lot of these posts are quite old, so hoping someone has come up with root of the problem. No power supply noise. Also can’t believe I read that a factory tech told someone that their LCD TV had a fan cooling a light bulb? My TV is in open air with a good power source (I am an electrician), and a good roof antenna with a good ground. Thank you for any reply you may offer.

    1. Author

      Les, it could be a power supply problem. Your best bet is to take it to a TV repair location to get an official diagnosis. However, it may be difficult to find spare parts, in which case, a new TV would be your best solution. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    2. Any luck solving this issue. I am cutting the cord on cable and tried installing an OTA antenna. The 46231 seems to memorize the channels and the signal quality seem okay but after a minute or so freezes and the TV shuts itself off. Had no issue like this with cable, satellite or Apple TV or even DVD player. This TV has lasted going on 13 years. Would hate to ditch this TV over this issue. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

      1. Go to YouTube and type in Mitsubishi tv repair it will tell you how to repair it could save you throwing away a good tv . I replaced three capacitors for $2.00 . Tv has a defect and no recall for failing capacitors .

  17. Great tv for many years. After power disruption with tv on, the tv shut down. Now when pressing the power button the blue led lite flashes for a few minutes with an occassional click coming from behind the tv and nothing. Any thoughts?

    1. The problem originated outside the house…low voltage due to a severed neutral cable. Once that was repaired, the TV apparently has reset itself. Working great again. Hopefully I will be able to take it for granted a few more years!

  18. I have LT 46, THe green BLINKING lite blinks and no picture. Replaced all boards except the board that all cables are pluged into, its the one on the far right. Any help would be great,

  19. We have an LT-37132A that works beautifully. Everything functions. It had the best picture we ever had on a TV. Then a ‘bruise’ (not very technical, I know) appear in the top right quadrant. It gradually grew down and toward the center, sort of like a trail of molten lava.
    I know this TV is way out of today’s market, but is that a repairable issue? What could it be? It is the ONLY TV we every found that fits our built-in entertainment center. Now, a wall mount hangs awkwardly in front of that with a TV we got in time for the Superbowl hanging on it. I’d love to fix the Mitsubishi if at all possible.
    Thanks for any help!

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