1. Hi, a DVI Cable, is a Digital Signal???, i mean, if the cable is VGA in two ways, and i use DVI adapters, it still been analog, right?, but if i use a DVI cable in two ways, without any adaptors, it is a DIGITAL signal???, i want to use my computer with my Mitsubishi LT-37131, but when i use 1920*1080, it looks not clear, and when i use 1280*720, il looks better. What can i do???


  2. I’m not sure what you mean by “using a cable in two ways.” Check out the wikipedia DVI entry. A DVI-I connector can accept either digital or analog, it just depends which you feed it. On this TV, I don’t think you can send 1920×1280 over the analog portion of the connector, on the digital part. If you aren’t getting direct pixel mapping and use Windows, try adjusting your video settings using PowerStrip.

  3. Second question in the article ends with “… two sets LT-46231 and the LT-46231?” — one of those should be LT-46131.

  4. Excellent tips! Thank you for your hard work.

  5. I’m a bit confused by how to use a 1080p lcd for computing. Obviously, I want the best resolution possible, and ideally it should be the native resolution of the screen (1080 vertical) or whatever will fit best. Is that right?

    And how does that concept dovetail with the inputs on the tv? Most computers output via DVI (digital) or VGA. What output shoud you use form the computer, and into what input on the TV. Does that relate in any way to the content protection that HDMI deals with?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. Canuc, you want two things for an ideal PC connection: 1) computer resolution the same as screen resolution and 2) direct pixel mapping. On the Mitsubishi 46131/46231 sets, you need to use the DVI digital out of your PC and the DVI input on the TV to achieve this. Although HDMI and DVI are pin equivalent, the HDMI inputs on the TV are designed for video inputs and there is some processing and scaling on them, so a DVI-to-HDMI adapter is not going to help you using the HDMI inputs.

    There is quite a bit of misconception about HDCP (copy protection). It is not mandatory that an input signal to a TV use HDCP for the TV to display it. HDCP is only an issue if the source device (HD satellite receiver, HD-DVD, etc.) uses it and the display device does not. If the source device does not use HDCP (in the case of a computer), HDCP is not a factor nor a concern. Many people blame HDCP for their TV not accepting a certain resolution on a certain input when the truth is that the TV is simply not able to process and display that resolution on that input — it has nothing to do with HDCP.

  7. First, thanks for a nice FAQ Carlton.

    I just connected my Sony MiniDV camcorder’s firewire/1394 interface to the 1394 input on my 46231 and it detected the camcorder perfectly. It does not, however, display playback on the 46231. Bummer. I then consulted my owner’s manual for the camcorder and sure enough, it says nothing about being able to use the firewire interface for anything but connecting to a PC’s firewire port for purposes of digital video editing (which I indeed do). Bummer. For some reason, I was hopeful/expecting that the 1394 port could replace the cruddy analog composite video cable the Sony ships with for TV playback. Bummer. 🙁

  8. Hello, the LT-37132 is my first Mits TV. I love all the features and didn’t mind paying a premium for it. However, the most annoying thing I’ve seen is that blinking blue LED since I configure this TV to auto power on in the morning as an alarm clock. Also, unlike other brand, this TV only auto turn on for 5 minutes before auto off. Other brands are at least an hour or give you the option to set an auto off time. These are so annoying that I am considering returning it.

    Is there anyway of changing this? Thank you.

  9. Hi, i a new owner of a Mitsubishi 46231 purchased in Feb 07. A month later I am noticing purple flickering streaks on the screen in some localized areas. Most obvious when background is a flat bright color. Has anyone else reported this problem and is it fixable.Thanks for you help.

  10. That definitely does NOT sound normal. You should get a new one/exchange it.

  11. Thanks that what i suspected as much. I am trying to have it replaced, unfortunately Frys the place I bought it no longer has the TV in stock and Mitsubishi after several calls is refusing to replace it but will replace the lcd panel. I am very disappointed at their stonewalling. Any comments or advise would be much appreciated.

  12. Does the DVI provide 1920×1080 output? On my set, I am seeing 2-3 pixels missing to the bottom and right.

  13. Yes, it is pixel-perfect 1920×1080 — except for the bottom few lines being clipped off. So I guess it’s almost pixel-perfect, but not quite. Still, it’s closer than most HDTV sets.

  14. Well, it is good to know that I am not the only one who had the problem. It is acceptable but I am missing a few pixels. I wish I can shift the screen so that I can see all the pixels.

    BTW, to program Discrete Remote code, there is no need to “Turn the remote control to TV”. Instead one should block the remote from the TV.

  15. What I intended was “Set the remote control switch to TV mode.” I updated the discrete code portion of the FAQ.

  16. I recently purchased a LT46131 and notice a slight chirping sound as mentioned in your informational page. Since I purchased in May 2007, one might assume that my set was manufactured after Mitsubishi identified the manufacturing line problem. In that event, I’m simply imagining the sound; or the sound from my set, although audible, is within the range of tolerances.

    Regardless, from numerous posts on the internet, it seemed that Mitsubishi was aware of the problem and would simply send a technician to replace the faulty power supply.

    I called the Mitsubishi headquarters number you list and was referred to customer service (800-332-2119, #5). The customer service representative merely wanted to take my name and run me through a script of turning the TV on and off and resetting the menu. I finally got her to simply provide me with the name of an authorized repair shop so I could speak directly to a technician regarding the chirping sound.

    When I contacted the repair shop, the technician advised that he would have to remove my TV’s power supply and modify it at his shop. This would apparently take several weeks. This technician’s proposal sounds different that what I’ve read elsewhere on the Internet (i.e., that Mitsubishi sends a repair person out with a new power supply and simply swaps it out in a matter of minutes).

    I then called Mitsubishi customer service again hoping to speak to a more responsive customer service representative. I did, and this one informed me that the chirping sound originates from a fan that cools a light bulb. She assured me that the noise is normal. I have asked for a supervisor to call me back.

    Do you have any further understanding of how Mitsubishi treats this issue?

  17. I’ve been through four 46″ sony’s in the last 5 months. Finally exchanged the last one two days ago for a mitsubishi LT-46231. Here are my impressions:

    This may be due to the speakers being mounted under the display but audio seems to suffer from a lack of dynamic range. To get the speakers to ear height I’d need a tv stand that was approximately 18″-2′ higher. Then I’d be looking upward at the display instead of straight on. The sony’s had much better clarity, dynamic range, and sound field presence when using the built in speakers.

    It seems no amount of tweaking can help sd material look reasonably good on this set. To reduce artifacts by using the noise reduction has it’s own drawbacks. If NR is engaged to low or medium, the picture becomes better, but still noticeably noisy and distracting. If NR is set to high , the noise all but disappears but at the cost of video frequency response and loss of fine detail, giving the overall image a flat, unimpressive appearance. Attempting to bring up sharpness control reintroduces the noise. The edge enhancement setting does help, but not enough. All 4 of the Sony’s when being fed this same Sd source material were set to low noise reduction, and were able to clean up the material without sacrificing frequency response and fine detail.

    Color temp setting low is probably close to 6500K, but even adjusting in the Perfect color pallette leaves whites a yellowish red. Color temp high is probably 9300K, but again any adjustments leave whites overly blue. And there are no customer controls for white and black balance. The sony’s I had set to use (what I think was called natural) color temp. It wasn’t warm 1/2 or cool, and with natural color temp selected I was able to white and black balance the display to my satisfaction using the available gain and bias controls.

    Component inputs on the Mitsubishi don’t exhibit as much of a red push as the sony’s. The OSD of my receiver looks slightly less cartoonish as does any source material coming through the receiver. Advantage goes to Mitsubishi.

    I have the same Oppo dv-981 hooked up to hdmi in and while upscaled dvds look ok on the mits the picture seems much noisier through the hdmi inputs. The sony’s had a much smoother look. No pixel by pixel option either which is kind of disappointing.

    HD material looks good either 720p or 1080I, but I do notice a lack of the finer detail, which made the sony’s “pop” with their depth of image reproduction.

    OSD is difficult to see, as it’s just superimposed green and yellow text, and kind of small. The way the sony’s bought up the text over your chosen menu color background seemed more classy, and was much easier to see and read.

    I may be being biased here as I’ve only dealt with sony menu trees since 1993 or so, but the menu interface on the mitsubishi seems “clunky” and less intuitive.

    Tunin through built in tuners is slower than I would expect

    In summary, I’m less than enthused about the Mits, and it will be going back.

  18. I love my 46131! It’s the equal of the Sony XBR for hundreds of $$$ less!

  19. I tried the first service menu code and by mistake I selected Initalize. I think I reset mine to the factory defaults. Hopefully, I have not messed anything up.

  20. Concerning 46131 model.

    Need service level adjustment, but how without sending it out an wait weeks for repair?

    The probem is that in PC digital mode a horizontal band of 5 pixels along the very top of the display is not being utilized while 5 pixels along the very bottom is being squished together creating a annoying flicking band.

    Anyway of shifting the video signal up 5 pixels? Otherwise I will be returning the unit to Circuit City.

    This is my first Mitsubishi.


  21. PS

    I am NOT talking about shifting the image using the vertical adjustment from the video menu. That only shifts the image.
    I want to utilize the 5 top most band of pixels which are not being used and I also want to stop the bottom pixels from being squeeshed which also creates a annoying flicking.

    I tried 2 diferent PCs. Its consistent.
    One of them has a $800 video card, the Nvidia Quadro4 900XGL. The other is a low end 256MB gaming card. They both supprt HDTV 1080p. Two different DVI cables.

    I read else where a poor guy got a 46131 where pixels were being squeeshed at the botom and right sides of the screen. Causing flicking on 2 sides. And someone else with the same problem as me. These LCDs don’t seem to be calibrated properly.

  22. How come I do not see the SharpEdge and DeepField settings in my 46131? Am I missing something or did Mitsubishi change firmware software that removed these?

  23. Is there anyway to adjust the white balance (service menu?) Low or High color temp still leaves a bluish-purple tinge under in-door office fluorescent light scenes.

    If this is possible, can someone help provide any instructions to do so..

    Thanks in advance

  24. I have a LT37131 that I purchased from Circuit City around 4 months ago. The TV regularly powers itself off–like it is getting a surge of electricity. It will not power on for approximately one minute. I initially attributed this to a cable card, but have since switched out to box and continue to experience the same problem.

    I’ve put an inexpensive line conditioner in–no change. The TV powers off relatively randomly, but regularly–even when the weather is good.


  25. Matt: Only thing I can think of is stray IR signals or a broken TV. Does it happen when you are using the remote control some other device or when you turn on certain lights? It could be that IR codes similar to the one the TV uses are causing it to turn off. With my 46″, the TV has to stay off for a minute before it can be turned back on, so that may be normal.

  26. It happens at random times…Light could be on/off, remote/no remote, etc. I am pretty certain it is not getting and IR interference.

    Thanks for your quick response.

  27. I have a question – my 46131 takes a good minute to power up whenever I turn it on – is that normal? This is my first LCD – want to make sure nothing is wrong with it. Thanks for your help.

    Also, is there any way to better sync up the audio when watching HD programming over an antenna (through the DirecTV HD DVR box)? DirecTV doesn’t have my locals, so I got a Terk antenna that I run through the box (for DVR purposes), but the audio is very annoyingly about 1/2 second off.

  28. Joe D: I think the power option in the setup menu impacts how long it takes to turn on. I have mine set for power saver mode and it takes about a minute. It might turn on faster if it uses the standard power mode, but I’m not sure.

    I get all of my locals off of antenna and record them to a DirecTV HR10-250 HD TiVo. I have no audio sync problems (I have the latest 6.3d software, but didn’t have problems with earlier versions either.) If the audio is ahead, you could use an A/V receiver to delay it, but that setting would apply to all channels. Sounds like a problem with your receiver; connect the antenna directly to your Mistu LCD and see if it has any audio sync issues. If not, it must be a sat receiver problem.

  29. The lt-46131 doesn’t have a variable audio out, is there a way to rig one up , I am running a zvox mini and would like the tv control to control the audio on the zvox. Thanks

  30. Matt: I also have the LT37131 and have the same exact problem as you. The TV is randomly shutting itself off and then I have to wait about 45 seconds for the blue light to stop blinking and then I can power it back on. I’ve tried power line conditioners, had an electrician check the line, etc. The fact that I hear someone else has the problem is bitter sweet. I actually just called Mitsubishi and then sent a local TV shop to my house for an in-home repair. They ended up leaving with my TV but said it is most lilkely the power supply that is bad. I’ll let you know what I find out!

  31. Rob,
    Good to hear that someone has the same issues. I have been in contact with Mitsubishi and am still waiting for the service rep to call me to come take a look. My only concern is that the issue is sporadic–there is no guarentee that it will happen when he’s there!

    Let me know how things turn out for you.

  32. A friend of mine has a Mits LT-46231 and he thought maybe possibly that if he pressed:

    OPTION MENU via MENU-2-4-7-0

    and then pressed the first option, I think he said it was INITIALIZE or something. His screen flashed a few times and then the TV turned off. When he turned it back on, the TV had a lot of problems with colorbanding, problems that weren’t there before. He pressed this because he thought maybe resetting to factory defaults would fix a different issue he was having. Only it made his TV worse. Now he thinks maybe he didn’t know what he was doing and wonders how to fix what he did. Is there an online resource for this models settings?

  33. Whoops: Sorry to hear about the problems. I wish I had more details about the service manual, but I don’t. I suggest asking the question in the official owners thread on AVSforum (the link in the FAQ above.)

  34. I just purchased a Mitsubishi LT-46131 46″ 10800p LCT HDTV through Circuit City and it is set to be installed this weekend by Firedog. However, I read a review that said this tv was not compatible when using a cable card – the owner that posted this comment said his tv had to be sent in so the entire circuit board could be repaired which would take 1-1 1/2 weeks. Has anyone else had this experience or heard of this problem…?

  35. I know of a bunch of people who had no problem with the CableCard slot on their LT-46131. As long as the cable technician can register the hardware when they install the card, there should be no problems.

  36. Hi I have a LT-37131 and my power supply has some sort of humming noise, very noticeable to me and I would love to solve it. Don’;t know if it a known issue or not. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

  37. i have a n lt-37132 and cable co tried 2 cable cards but neither would bring up the set up menu for them. can you tel me what the problem may be? tried the menu 999 and i think is says pairing -no information. when cable card is inserted, display says ” cable card intializing please wait” after about 30 seconds this goes away but no setup menu comes up. anyone have this problem?

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