Using the Internet to Stay in Touch from Abroad

During my recent trip to China, I was surprised at how the internet kept me in such close touch with the US. In both hotels in which I stayed, broadband internet was available. Neither was close to being as fast as the cable connection I have at home, but I was able to check e-mail, post blog entries, and make and receive telephone calls. The Vonage softphone allowed me to call my wife Nicole about every day; she was able to dial a local Indianapolis phone number and talk to me when she wanted. It really cut down on the long distance costs. Unfortunately, the X-Pro software provided by Vonage didn’t work very well. I had to re-start it every time I reconnected to the internet, the phone book feature was worthless, and there was no incoming or outgoing call history. They could definitely benefit from a better software package, but it worked well enough to keep me in touch with the US and was easier than using Yahoo Instant Messenger.

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  • Aaron says:

    My wife lives in the Philippines. She has a Lingo VoIP phone (like Vonage but cheaper, backed by a financially-stable company, and has more features) so when I call her, it’s a local phone call. God bless the Internet.

    As for your conundrum, try using the voice call features in Yahoo Messenger, Skype, or iChat (for Mac users). They work very well, even in bandwidth-challenged countries like the Philippines.

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