More on Linksys WRT54GS and Sveasoft Firmware

I’m now using the Sveasoft firmware in my Linksys wireless router. The firmware is definitely an improvement over the standard feature set. The ability to boost the transmit power is a nice added feature, but I’ve read of many people boosting the transmit power to 200, which will probably fry their router and doens’t produce any better performance than a setting of 50-60 (which is ideal). I hope Linksys dosen’t have a warranty problem because of the ignorant over-boosters causing failures because I really support Linksys releasing their firmware — so many other manufacturers have not.

I am very disappointed with the Sveasoft website. First of all, it isn’t devoted to router firmware — you have to find a discussion forum. Secondly, it doesn’t provide downloads from the website unless you’ve paid $20/year to get to the pre-release firmware. So, you have to search through the forum to find mirror sites that offer the released firmware and then you have to search though those websites the find the files. What a horrible design!

For anyone looking for the latest public / released Sveasoft firmware, here is a link to the download page. Too bad sveasoft couldn’t make it this simple.

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