Post trip: Additional thoughts

I’m now back at work, starting to settle into my routine again, but I’m not ready to be in this routine again! I’ve had a few days to relax and adjust to being back in the US and that was exactly what I and Nicole needed; last weekend was the most time the two of us had spent together in months. All I wanted to do was relax, watch movies, and play video games. Unfortunately, the work week has now begun. I’ve received e-mails from everyone else who was on the trip. I’m anxious to reply but I know it will take a while to compose the message because I have so much to say. I miss everyone in the group as well as the friends we made in China and a part of wants to be back in China again. In fact, the longer I sit at my desk at work, the more I wish our group had another upcoming trip and project in front of us. Readjusting to the US wasn’t a problem; readjusting to my daily / routine life is and will continue to be difficult.

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