Dave Matthews Band – Verizion Wireless Music Center – Indianapolis – Noblesville (2003-06-29)

We attended this show with friends Bryan and Tammy Willett. We arrived early and tailgated at Camp Huggy Bear before the show. For some reason, the crowd seemed very thin and dead. Perhaps it was because I did too much tailgating prior to the show. Unfortunately for my wife, I was overly entertaining.

Dave Matthews Band
June 29, 2003
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Pig G1
Too Much G1
Grey Street G1
When the World Ends G1
Angel G1
You Never Know G1
#41 G1
Don’t Drink the Water G1
The Dreaming Tree G1
Jimi Thing ~ G1
Kit Kat Jam G1
Grace Is Gone G1
Loving Wings …> G1
Where Are You Going G1
Help Myself G1
Tripping Billies G1
The Maker G1
Stay G1
G1 Butch Taylor
When The World Ends
Help Myself
~ Dave improved some lyrics about ‘rolling one up’ in the outro.

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