Grew a beard, moved to Indianapolis

I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post. Where did the time go? I think I know where it went, and school and work account for most of it. I’d been wanting things to change for a while, but I wasn’t exactly sure how or why. I guess I was just fed up with everything tired of everything being the same, mostly the less-important aspects such as work and school. Well, things certainly did change. It all started last Christmas. I know, last Christmas was a long time ago in blog time, but it doesn’t seem that long ago to me. It all started with the beard. I’d never had facial hair of any type and for some reason stopped shaving. Everyone was shocked that I had a beard because I’m the last person you’d expect to have one. Then, my wife was offered a job at Lilly in Indianapolis as well as relocation package even though we were only about 55 miles away, so we decided to move. We really wanted to live downtown Indianapolis so we started looking and made an offer on a condo after we put our house up for sale. Our house sold but the condo didn’t work out — we walked away because we didn’t feel like Lockerbie Terrace was being reasonable about pricing. However, the offer on our house was very sting, so we accepted it and moved in with Nicholas parents 2 weeks later. Also, during this same time, my mom and brother and I decided it was time to sell the Gardner family farm. It had been in our family since the 1870’s, so it was a hard decision to reach. We fell very lucky to have sold it to a great family with land right next door. I really felt lost at that point, with no roots at all. I was very glad to be living in a house with two great inlaws because I’d have felt even more lost. Anyway, we kept looking downtown. Our realtor Lance really did a great job finding houses but nothing was exactly what we were looking for. After considering another downtown condo (Six Over Meridian), we decided that it would be several months before they were actually ready, so we looked on the south side of Indianapolis and found a great home that had just been built. We made an offer, it was accepted, and this journey of change seems to be coming to a close. We close on our house the Friday and start moving in that day. It will great to have our own place again. I should have just enough time to start to settle in before leans for China. Surely that will give me something to Blog about before 2005 runs around. . .

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