Turned 30 and starting to feel even older than that

What is going on with me? I never thought turning 30 would have such an adverse effect on my philology. I rarely have any medical problems and I haven’t been to the doctor in the past 4 years. But now several problems are surfacing, the worst of which is a constant pain in my right wrist. It started about 3 months ago and will not go away. I finally promised Nicole that I would go in and have it checked so when the doctor asked me what brought me in, I cleverly answered “my wife”. Turns out about half of the guys who come in say that. Not so clever after all. He asked if I play any musical instruments that may cause the problem. I laughed because I’ve played my acoustic guitar for about an hour total this year. I later realized that the last time I play, for about a half hour, was when my wrist pain started. If that was the cause, I am a total musical wuss. I remember when I used to play the euphonium for as many as 12 hours a day and then do it again the next day. Now thirty minutes and I’m in pain for months. Wuss.

I switched to a different doctor since I’d only seen my doctor here in Columbus once and my wife’s doctor seemed to be fairly personable. Since I was a new patient, I was given a full, take-off-your clothes examination. The doc joked how I would probably go home and complain to my wife “I went in to have my wrist checked and had to have these other things checked as well.” I thought about all of the jokes I would have to suffer if I had a problem “down there” that was found due to a wrist examination. Everyone knows of my wrist problem due to the brace I’ve been wearing for the past few months. Luckily, everything was OK and I can joke about it on the Internet. However, he did notice an ingrown toe nail problem and referred me to a podiatrist. Problem number two.

My eye sight has started to bother me even more lately — more headaches. My vision is bad but generally correctable except for the astigmatism in my right eye. Maybe it is time for lasik? Problem number three.

I guess I’ve had the second two problems for a really long time and I’m just gloom-and-dooming myself due to the approach of the first “negative” decade anniversary. Also, the next 4 months of my wife making fun of me for being old (before her birthday kicks-in) are going to pass slowly. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep counting — and hopefully healing.

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