AnyDVD HD 6.4 allows backup of BD+ Blu-Ray discs

AnyDVD HD-DVD Blu-RayI firmly believe in paying for the movies you own. By doing so, I believe you should be able to move them to your media server and play them back however you please. BD+ protection (DRM) prevented this with recent Blu-Ray titles, but latest version of Slysoft’s AnyDVD HD overcomes this limitation.

Here is the update notification: 2008-03-19

  • New (Blu-ray): Removes the BD+ protection from Blu-ray discs! (for increased compatibility with titles released by Twentieth Century Fox 🙂 )
  • New (Blu-ray): Added option to enable / disable BD+ removal
  • New (DVD): AnyDVD ripper no longer uses the Windows filesystem, it has now its own UDF parser / reader. Discs which cannot be read by Windows can now be copied with the AnyDVD ripper.
  • Fix (Blu-ray): Black display with some BD discs, e.g., “Layer Cake”, second release, “The Fugitive”, “Wild Things” (all Region B)
  • Fix (DVD): Small bugfix in “repairing defective disc structure” function of AnyDVD ripper
  • Fix (DVD): Problems with some Arccos protected titles, e.g. “The Grudge”, R1, US
  • Some minor fixes and improvements
  • Updated languages

The update is free for all registered customers, of course. Just install the new version on top of your current version, regardless which version you have installed:

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  • panasonic blu ray says:

    I totally agree. People should absolutely pay for movies if you want to own them, and backing them up/placing them on a media server is almost a must have for me. AnyDVD looks nice, but for some reason I’m still on the fence about picking it up. Not quite sure why… :/

  • Carlton Bale says:

    FYI, version of AnyDVD HD was released yesterday. It includes a ripper that allows extraction from Blu-ray directly to an ISO file (which you can then mount and play back with any Blu-ray software player.) Their products are continually updated and it’s always nice to see new features every few weeks.

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