Why are still working so hard?

Day 11: Thursday the 22nd

The presentation is basically complete at this point but we all basically wasted the morning creating slides that were suggested even though I knew we would not be within our time limit if they were included. We practice our presentation again but didn’t make any notable changes. It was basically Li and I practicing our coordinated swap between English and Mandarin with Brain advancing the slides as necessary.

The food at the hotel and the restaurants has been of very high quality. Unfortunately, we had experienced about every creature and flavor Chinese seafood had to offer several times over by this point. We wanted something different and Pizza Hut sounded like a perfect solution. Daniel and his son Harry were back in town and we met them for dinner there. Pizza Huts are nice in China! The restaurant was large and nicely appointed; the pizza was as expected (we skipped the trout pizza). The salad bar was one-serving-only and we were surprised how much food the Chinese customers piled onto their plates. One girl created a 8-inch round circle of cucumber slices and stacked them lego-style about 5-inches high, taking about 10 minutes to do so!

Garrett, Brian, and I were up late printing our presentation and I didn’t get to sleep until after 12:30. I felt nice to be almost finished.

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