Flawless Presentation, final day in Dalian

The presentation was complete, I had nothing to do, but I still woke-up early. Li, Brian, and I practiced a couple of times but we were getting experienced and the practice became boring. We had a late breakfast and meet in Brian’s room (our team room) for one last time. It was sad knowing that this phase of the trip was coming to an end. We performed a tremendous amount of work in that room but also had quite a bit of fun and really grew into a team in there. It was sad starting to break-down the large table we were using before returning it to the stairwell in which we found it.

I took a nap during lunch because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. The presentation went well; Li and I were well-prepared and it showed. The management met to vote on the best group and we were not surprised to be the first group called. A part of that is due to us being so well prepared and the rest is due to us traveling half way across the world. I felt embarrassed when all of the Hong Kong students were congratulating us because I had a clear advantage: I was speaking in my native tongue. True, Li translated perfectly into Mandarin, but I was receiving some of the praise as well and I had no language barrier to overcome.

Afterwards, we everyone met for dinner at the Korean Barbeque restaurant at the to of the Dalian International Hotel but we were quickly finished and the meal wasn’t exceptional. Still, I had a great time talking to Wilson, Sharat, and Samuel. Afterwards, a smaller group went out to the same Augustus bar that we visited earlier in the week. I learned the Chinese dice game, played it for a while, and then decided to talk with John for a while. We’d spoken several times but never really gotten to know one another. The music in the bar was much too loud and I was ready for an early departure. I could tell that Li, Profess Lyles, and Professor Yan were ready to depart as well and were receptive to the idea when I approached them.

On the way to dinner, Garrett spotted something we all hoped we’d never see. The crazy driving was scary to those in cars and we were always fearful that a pedestrians would be severally injured. We were pulling up to a stoplight and noticed that a van was pulled over to the right hand side of the road. As we stopped, we noticed a woman in front of the van on the ground. Her ~8 year old son was lifting her upper torso from the ground but she was not moving. Garrett started to get out the taxi driver started yelling at him so he got back in. The driver of the van was on his cell phone. We were all hoping that he was calling an ambulance and that the woman was merely unconscious. I closed my eyes and prayed that this was the case.

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