Unused Tickets: Dave Matthews Band – Deer Creek – Noblesville (1997-06-28)

I had two tickets to go see Dave Matthews Band at Deer Creek in Noblesville, IN. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to go with and I wasn’t too excited about driving from Louisville to the far north side of Indianapolis. In addition, I received a call from my friend Troy Allen asking if I wanted to come over for a visit that weekend. So I did that instead of going to the concert. A weekend with friends is never a weekend wasted.

Songs I would have heard had I attended the concert:

Dave Matthews Band
June 28, 1997
Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN

Two Step
Best of What’s Around
Lie In Our Graves
Jimi Thing
Lover Lay Down
#41 …>
Say Goodbye
Minarets …>
Typical Situation
Crash Into Me
So Much To Say …>
Anyone Seen the Bridge? …>
Too Much
Tripping Billies
Leave Me Praying
Ants Marching

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