1. I had just turned 18 and was front row center at this show with a small micro cassette recorder I smuggled in. (The tickets clearly stated no recorders allowed.) I waited through Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise set, then when Dave staterd, I pulled the microcassette recorder from my Tommy Hilfiger jean jacket.
    Well a couple minutes into Seek Up a security guard reached over the barricade grabbed my arm really hard and said “you’re coming with me” and started leading me to the right end of the stage presumably to throw me out. Once I got to the end of the stage the guy running the monitors stepped out from the board and started screaming “Give it back! Give it back! Give it back to him!”
    Technically, he hadn’t take it yet, so I was still recording. I then returned to my seat and my brother asked what happened? I told him the sound guy yelled at the security guard telling him to give the tape recorder back to me. (Which technically he hadn’t taken yet.) My bother than said, “No!, Fucking Dave did that!” I said what? Then I looked up at Dave, and he looked down at me and nodded his head, as if to say, “you’re okay, fuck that dude.” I couldn’t believe it. Later on, he said something in the mic like “I kicked that fucker’s balls didn’t I?” And I couldn’t believe it. It may be difficult to hear on this recording, but it’s toward the end of Seek Up. Anyways, this is a low quality recording, but check it out. Chester Copperpot sent it to me.

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      This is an awesome story. Thanks for sharing it and for sharing the recoding as well. I’m in the process of downloading it and look forward to listening to the concert again, regardless of the recording quality. I’m wondering how much I’ll remember – it’s been 16 years!!

      This concert is also special to me because my friend Doug was in a motorcycle accident. I’m really miss that guy.

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