1. In order of importance, I agree with 7, 6 and 11. My LG4400 had fairly descent voice dialing, and that was released in 2003. This is a feature that, after having it for 5 years, I’m not certain I would/could go without it.
    It seems ridiculous that they didn’t integrate a landscape keyboard. I’m sure adult size thumbs will mistype when using the portrait keyboard.
    Having haptic feedback on my Voyager is a really nice feature and I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t incorporated it.

  2. Copy & paste is one of my biggest pain points with the current model and it doesn’t look like it’s been solved. As is the can’t-search-contact and no-save emailed photos (will be corrected under 2.0). I thought I read somewhere about a landscape keyboard in 2.0 software, but maybe they were wrong or perhaps my memory is poor.

    I bet Apple will pull the trigger on A2DP support at the same time they launch a stereo Bluetooth headset. I see this is inevitable.

    Probably scared to pull the trigger on video recording with the current hardware. The one third party (jailbreak) app I’ve tried produces crap video (and they *charge* for their app). I saw a blog post regarding a iPhone camera developer opening – so I assume this will improve over time. Might be on different hw though.

    I played with the Instinct at CTIA in April. Eh. And the haptics didn’t feel as strong as the Voyager, for whatever that’s worth.

  3. For number 12 that is for locked iphone right?

  4. Yes, I suppose #12 does apply only to a locked iPhone, since an unlocked phone could be moved to a different carrier. Unfortunately, unlocking doesn’t get you much unless you break your contract and pay all of the early termination fees. You’re basically “locked” to AT&T even if your phone isn’t.

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