1. I don’t care about advertisements/warnings so much since it seems to bring a touch of the movie theater experience home. However, the studios cross a line when they disable fast_forward/next_chapter functions during these promos.

    I remember this being a problem in the DVD marketplace. I have not seen it implemented in blu-ray yet.

  2. Blu-ray allows for Prohibited User Actions just the way DVD did. I think with a lot of the early titles, the studios were struggling with the new authoring requirements. I have a strong suspicion that this will become very prevalent for Blu-ray the way it did with DVD.

    The worst offenders I’ve seen are kid-focused titles, because parents can’t just put in the disc and have it play. It goes through all the advertisements, then goes to the menu, then requires the parent to work the menu and get the movie playing. Blasting kids with advertisements just seems slimy to me.

    The VHS-transfer of the interpol “do not copy” message is also particularly annoying to me. If you’re going to waste my time, at least take the effort to create a clear and readable message.

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