1. Pionner have 72hz LCD, so the frames are 3×24 = 72
    Evrything works …
    ..but that with HDMI only 60Hz is kind of problem …

    1. thanks for the nice article.

      Does 8800GTS Cards have good 24 hz output? or I am better off sending a 60 hz signal through the HDMI.
      Do you think using reclock to correct 23.97 to 24 is necessary for the best playback?

  2. theuf: Nvidia has the best 24 Hz output as far as I know, as long as it’s connected via HDMI to a television (not a computer monitor) that supports the resolution. It uses the standard TV timings, so you shouldn’t have to reclock. Having said that, I’ve had better experience with 60 Hz as the PC seems to handle the source material conversion better than the video processor within the display. You’ll need to try both refresh rates to see what looks best to you.

    1. Thanks for the reply.
      I am using HDMI to a samsung 6 series tv.
      I also had better experience with 60 hz.
      I am actually surprised by that because it is far from a multiple of 24.
      I suppose the video renderer is doing something more complex, telecine maybe?

  3. Thanks for some real info for once. Does NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT support 1080p24 as well? Trying to run 1080p24 from US laptop into British Sony TV with Motionflow (4x) which says it supports 1080p24.

    1. I’m pretty sure that the 9000-series all support 1080p24 through HDMI but I haven’t verified it as I don’t have the hardware.

  4. Hi Carlton, we met at David S’ birthday dinner awhile back.

    FYI for autoswitching display frequency and/or resolution dependent on media format frame rate see the Reclock package. Reclock can report the current media frame rate and includes an example .vbs script using powerstrip which can be triggered on movie playback from whatever app you want. On exit from the app the display frequency and/or resolution can be returned to something else. I use the free 12noon Display Changer rather than PowerStrip. This works well with Arcsoft Total Media Theatre and My Movies in Media Center to switch the display to/from 24hz/60hz etc.

    SlySoft Reclock

    12noon Display Changer

    Example .vbs script using 12noon Display Changer

  5. The only exception of which I’m currently aware is motherboards based on the new nVidia 9300 and 9400 chipset. Multiple sources have confirmed that 24p playback is flawless over HDMI. Several vendors, including Asus (P5N7A-VM) and Gigabyte (GA-E7AUM-DS2H), have just released motherboards based on these chipsets.

    Ha-ha. On my Philips 42PFL7423D there is just on the contrary a problem on P5N7A-VM. When I setting up 1920×1080 24p mode, the real refresh rate is 25.920 Hz… “resulting video has noticeable jerks/pauses”

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