1. I’m still sticking it out with MP4. Perhaps in a few more months I’ll upgrade to a blu-ray.

  2. I did some testing in the past comparing MPEG-4 ASP and X264. Don’t know how far x264 can be compared to h264 JVC, but MPEG-2 still isn’t all that bad.. It can preserve more grain and preserving grain can be be a good thing Especially with old movies. VC-1 and x264 work best with recently shot movies and animations who have minimum grain in their source. If you so much as have a bit of grain or lots of smoke and explosions with smokey clouds, H264 will make a hassle and macro-blocking will be very evident. That’s my opinion anyway. I think That is why studios will smoothen and flatten the hell out of skintone and smoke before coding to mpeg-4 or VC1

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