1. The ?resistor? is most likely a thermistor to sense the heat of the pack. NiMH cells can only be fully charged if the charger can sense the temperature of them. Also, flat “bars,” or even desoldering braid work well for connecting the cells together. They carry more current for their thickness than normal wire and solder better to the batteries.

  2. Is there somebody that knows or is able to give some description of that thermistor? What kind of a thermistor is it? Thanks!

    1. It is a 10k glass thermister. What isn’t shown is the inline MF-LS180L PTC that is attached at the bottom.

  3. I can’t tell from the picture where to solder the white wire. I’m guessing the same spot as the red wire. My second hand Pronto didn’t come with a battery pack to use as an example. Thanks

    1. Author

      I can’t remember for sure – that was a long time ago and the pictures weren’t great. I think the white and black wire are soldered to the same location. The only difference is the resistor / diode / circuit in the white wire at the point where it connects. I remember it was there, but have no idea what it was.

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