1. While it has no built-in functionality for scheduling, that really is not a problem for home automation setups. Anyone using home automation products will already have some type of central controller. I use one from X10. For only $50, I can program it easily from my computer (it connects via USB). My computer doesn’t have to be on and the battery backup keeps the programming on the device protected from power outages. The software also allows me to make a backup file on the computer of my configuration. Now, I control my sprinkler system via X10 using a sprinkler control system that is dumb (no onboard scheduling software) and have infinite possibilities of control with my sprinkler system. I control the lights in my home. With the same $50 central controller and the software on my computer, I can control my home heating and cooling with infinite scheduling possibilities.

  2. Richard Says:
    May 25th, 2007 at 2:10 pm
    While it has no built-in functionality for scheduling, that really is not a problem for home automation


    Could you share the model numbers of the X10 elements you mention here?


  3. I use ActiveHome Pro software with the CM15A USB controller. It works very well for me. For sprinkler system control via my X10 controller, I use a Rain8 II (http://www.wgldesigns.com/rain8.html). I also use a V572 whole house transceiver from http://www.wgldesigns.com/ for better X10 wireless range. For heating/cooling, I have an RCS TX15 X10 controllable thermostat that I picked up used on eBay for about ~$60. I use various different X10 light switches, lamp modules, and motion sensors within my home to control the lighting. I have a few plug-in noise filters and use a BoosterLinc to amplify my X10 powerline signals and a phase coupler from SmartHome that plugs into my downstairs dryer 220v outlet to couple the phases of my electrical system.

    I love the low-cost and flexibility that X-10 technology provides.

  4. We offer hosted services for the Proliphix Thermostat line:
    * Data logging
    * Graphing
    * Mobile access/control
    * Dashboard
    * Alerts
    and more…


  5. I’m using the Venstar T1800 and it seems to do everything the Proliphix does but via the Insteon network instead of direct via ethernet. That makes it easier to have incorporated into a script for local control or via weather feeds etc, but obviously you can do anything via HTTP post with the Proliphix as well, just a bit harder. 😉

  6. Check out http://www.getemme.com/ for a WiFi enabled thermostat with weather forecasting and multiple remote sensors. It’s not for sale yet, but I have been waiting years for something like it. The technology exists, it’s just a matter of someone putting it all together.

  7. THERMOSTAT | Materials Find
  8. I’m looking for a thermostat that has >4 settings available per day. Our MBR is on the second story, and has it’s own furnace. At night, we set the thermostat to 60 deg. When the furnace kicks on for the first time in the morning, it consistently overshoots the mark. I believe that the thermo calls for heat and the air in the room doesn’t circulate fast enough to get back to the thermostat to tell it to shut off. Thus, it keeps calling for heat even though most of the room feels like it is 68 deg.

    What I’d like to do is program a thermostat to come on at 6:00am, and go to 64 deg. Then at 6:15 I’d have it jump the rest of the way to 68 degrees.

  9. Author

    Doug, I haven’t looked at this in a while. My HAI Omnistat thermostat can do this, but it’s a bit expensive if not integrating it with a home automation system. Nest seems to be a pretty good option as well, but I have no experience with it.

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