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OmnifiI’ve setup a petition to get the GPL software for the Rockford Omnifi media players released. The petition is available here. It’s currently up to about 250 signatures. Hopefully slashdot will pick this up and it will get some more publicity. SimpleDevices, who is responsible for the software on the omnifi, appears to be the company with the unreleased GPL source code.

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  • […] I’ve been looking for easy-to-use software to convert DVDs to XVID files to play on my Treo 650 (using the excellent The Core Pocket Media Player).  I was about to purchase Lathe from Omniquiti when I found out that it is based on Pocket Divx Encoder, which uses GLP (link to license).  In the Lathe forums, those who have purchased Lathe report that also states in the help file that it is distributed under GPL.  Unfortunately, according to the thread, they have basically refused to release the codes by ignoring all requests.  This is similar to the tactic taken by Simple Devices, as I reported in a previous blog entry. […]

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