1. I have the exact same case, and I love it also. Sure, the sidepanels feel somewhat “flimsy” compared to the thicker steel construction used in most other cases, but they’re sturdy enough for normal use.

    The only problem I found with this case is that it’s utterly incompatible with 3.5″ multi card readers. Unlike diskette drives, they don’t have “upper” and “lower” screw holes, and there’s no possible configuration that allows you to install a 3.5″ multi card reader using the provided components in such a way that the location of the reader aligns with the front cover gap. I actually ended up giving two away to my friends for this reason, and will probably be installing a big 5.25″ multi card reader soon.

    On the other hand, the 6 front USB connectors, front audio and firewire connector located on the power button module are a nice bonus and definitely more than most mainboards support anyway.

    Also, I don’t seem to have that problem you appear to have with the 4-in-3 module; the sideplate is held in place by the pressure of the rubber vibration dampeners; I can hold the module with the plate facing down and subject to gravity, and it still won’t come loose.

  2. Can you please tell me where can I buy that case.

  3. DUAL POWER SUPPLY CASE | Quality Products Blog

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