1. Thanks! This answered all my questions and, with a few extra reboots, worked perfectly!

  2. hey man…thanks a whole lot
    wish i had these kinda skills
    you guys really make life a whole lotta fun
    thanks again you all
    keep up d good work
    i will make sure and tell ppl bout dis stuff
    kool man

  3. Worked flawless didnt have to even reboot media player i h ad it open during the installs lol and still worked on first flac file double click thanks alot!

  4. Tks!!! This is all I need! 🙂

  5. Very clear and easy to use step-by-step. Thanks, now I have great audio on my windows media center instead of the really compressed mp3…

  6. Just a little stuck on step 3. What program do you go to tools in??

    1. Sorry, that was for an the previous version of Windows Media Player. I removed it since it doesn’t apply to the latest version.

  7. Carl,
    Is this method still valid in setting up WMC in Windows 7?


  8. Does anybody use Last.fm? I can’t figure out how to scrobble using WMP. For some reason the last.fm scrobbler isn’t reading any of the track lengths… and they aren’t even showing up in WMP. The entire “Length” column is just blank. Thanks for the tutorial btw Carlton.

    1. Yes, WMP Tag Support Extender doesn’t read the track lengths. However, the WMP Tag Plus plug-in does (http://bmproductions.fixnum.org/wmptagplus), so you can install that instead. Then, re-add the FLAC files to your library. Their length will now show up, and they will be scrobbled to Last.fm when played.

  9. I installed it but for some reason only one of my albums is giving me track lengths… whatever.

    1. Did you remove existing FLAC files from the library, and re-add them, after installing WMP Tag Plus? Also, make sure that WMP Tag Support Extender is uninstalled, to prevent conflicts.

  10. Thanks, this works great on Windows 7

  11. OK, I have downloaded the suggested sites and all the FLAC music loaded into WMP. But some of the music loaded into the “UNKNOWN” file. Any suggestions as to how I can get ALL the music into correct albums?

    1. Did you install WMP Tag Plus, or WMP Tag Support Extender? Usually, removing the FLAC files from library, and then re-adding them, should fix this.

  12. That fixed everything. Thanks

  13. Although an old topic: I have installed wmpplus and i’m able to play the flac. But for some reason all my flac’s are placed in one folder ” unknown” so i have 188 flac files though i have tagged them all with mp3tag. Anybody else had this problem ?

    1. Do you mean Windows Media Player Plus? That’s another plug-in of mine, but you will need WMP Tag Plus for FLAC support. Please make sure that you have the correct plug-in (WMP Tag Plus) installed.

      1. Thank you for your reply. By removing the the files and adding them again it seems to work.
        So what i did was remove the files from the library and then pressed F3 to insert previous deleted files.
        Only four files couldn’t be found so i deleted those 🙂

  14. Bad link for Illiminable Ogg Directshow Filter. Website is gone? I did find the file (opencodecs_0.85.17777.exe) at Afterdawn, and an identical file at http://www.xiph.org/dshow/downloads/

    I’d think the second link would be more up to date.

  15. Comment editor wouldn’t load … probably a firewall issue. Also got a certificate warning from your website. Drat.

    Anyway … forgot to mention … I’m using MCE 2005. Don’t know if the Illuminable package was tweaked special for that. I’m just assuming the generic OGG package would work?

    1. Author

      Thanks for the feedback on the links; I’ve updated them. Yes, the generic OGG package should work without issue.

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