Dave Matthews Band – Verizon Wireless Music Center – Indianapolis – Noblesville (2006-06-03)

Seating Location: Section D, 5 rows from the back

Our good friends Bryan and Tammy Willett came to visit us for the weekend and go to the show. They are professional UK tailgaters and brought all of their gear. We tailgated at Huggy Bear for a few hours, eating, drinking, playing corn hole, and being merry, before heading to the concert.

Our seats were a couple of rows apart, but there were some empties in between so we all sat together and people-watched before the show.

My summary of the night’s perforce: an awesome setlist that seemed to be more geared to what the fans would pick. That alone can make for an great show, but the performance was as well done as ever. Adding trumpet player Rashawn Ross gave an extra dimension to their sound that I never would have predicted would work, much less great. I have high expectations before I see my first show each year and the band never fails to impress and exceed.


Dave Matthews Band
June 3, 2006
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN

One Sweet World G1 G2
Grey Street G1 G2
Everyday G1 G2
The Idea Of You G1 G2
Dancing Nancies …> G1 G2
Warehouse G1 G2
Steady As We Go G1 G2
So Much To Say G1 G2
Jimi Thing G1 G2
Crash Into Me G1
Grace Is Gone G1
Tripping Billies G1 G2
Digging a Ditch G1 G2
Two Step G1 G2
Sister + G1
#40 (Tease) G1
The Dreaming Tree G1 G2
Louisiana Bayou G1 G2
G1 Butch Taylor
G2 Rashawn Ross

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