1. Why do I need a Rocketfish Wireless Surround Sound System? Let’s just say that I don’t technically “have” an A/V setup right now. I have a brand new 32″ Toshiba REGZA LCD TV. I have a 1080i upscaling DVD player from LG. But I have no audio components!

    Seriously, I’m stuck listening to everything in plain ol’ stereo, unless I like to mix it up and throw out some mono for a little while.

    So now you’re asking, why the heck would I need this if I don’t even have a receiver or speakers to plug it in to? Simple – this gives me an excuse to go buy a nice kick-butt receiver and speaker system (But honey, I won this really cool wireless surround sound system, and now I have to go get the stuff to hook it up to!) She’ll go for it…I’m sure of it 😉

  2. I have a 36″ Sony XBR HDTV, a decent progressive-scan DVD player (HD or BR on the way).

    However, I am having to replace my surround reeiver due to an unfortunate electronic overload about 18 months ago (yes, I’ve been dealing with stereo sound from TV speakers for 18 months). Previously I had only a 3.1 speaker setup anyway due to the layout of our viewing area which is, in fact, also our living room.

    In our viewing room (living room) we have a fireplace and windows down the right side of the room, an entry hallway and kitchen with a bar down the left side of the room and no good way to run speaker cable.

    I will probably end up having to buy some sort of wireless system at some point so this would save me a lot of expense and solve my surround problems now.

    Thank you.

  3. I am an amateur A/Vphile and I recently converted an empty room in my house into a screening room/home theater. When I was making it, I wanted to emphasize on three goals. Here are those goals, what I did to get them, and why I would need the rocketfish wireless system.

    1) The screening room had to have as much of the theater look/feel as possible.

    – I turned an empty den and painted it velvet merlot. This I felt was the best color to make things dark.
    – Used heavy velvet curtains to block out the windows and the den entrance.
    – Stocked the room with snacks and a popcorn machine
    – Decorated with movie posters

    2) That the equipment I used was budget-priced AND high-performing

    – There’s that old adage that says “You get what you pay for”. If you know who to look and where, you can find yourself paying a decent price for a decent product. This is the equipment that I currently have in the room:

    – Oppo 971H Upconverting DVD player
    – Infocus 4805 DLP Projector
    – Fullstage HD(Composed of the Mainstage HD Virtual Surround Sound System and Substage Subwoofer)

    – All of these products are fairly inexpensive, and perform admirably well. It took a lot of reasearch determine these pieces were right, but in the end it paid off. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment, because Im not rich, but I wanted to have something at home that was as close to the movie theater experience as possible.

    3) The equipment makes less mess and takes less space.

    – This is why I settled on the Fullstage unit. The room is not that big, so I figured the fullstage unit would help me be creative on space. Rather than having 5 speakers throughout, I could have just the main unit in front, with the subwoofer just below. As a result, I have a clean setup, with not a lot of wires or speakers occupying the space.

    – I am happy with the FUllstage HD system for sound, although I can’t help but think it would be better with a true surround source. I bought radioshack’s rear wireless system, but was not happy with it. To much interference and weak signal that made it a real nuisance. I’ve read about the rocketfish system, and looks like its a major improvement. Also, it would help me maintain a cleaner, spacier room.

    – This is why I would like the rocketfish system. It would help my screening room a lot. It would be nice to win it, but I will probably end up buying one anyway if I don’t.

  4. I’m building out a home theater and a newbie into this and hence this would help me build out. I got a Panasonic 50″ plasma and looking into Onkyo 805 or Integra 5.8 receiver. Need to decide on the speakers yet.


  5. hi,

    I recently purchased a refurbed onkyo receiver and polk speakers. I live in a modest single bed room apartment and i’ve my stuff setup in my bed room. The speaker wires pass through our sleeping space right in to the speakers positioned behind. The low lying wires create a lot of problems causing me and my wife to fall down many times. And most of the time one of the speakers (rear left) also falls causing ergonomic injuries to its chasis. It looks like one fine day its going to stop working.

    I cannot pass wires under my carpet nor do any similar hacks as my apartment rules would’nt allow me. The biggest problem comes during winter when my bed room would not cope with the low temperatures. So i will have to retreat to my other only avaialble option, the hall. i cannot imagine wires cris-crossing my hall and creating havoc.

    Every single day we use to watch a dvd and i fear it is’nt going to happen in the coming days. So this wireless solution which can get rid of wire tangles would help me a great deal.


  6. Hi-

    Short and simple: I could use this 2 ways:

    a) in my home theater, for the back speakers. This would add the convenience of eliminating leads that go the length of the room and in spite of my best efforts, are somewhat unsightly.

    b) as a remote system to the powered speakers I use in my bedroom. The only method I have for accomplishing this at the moment is running the feed from my CD player to my multichannel soundcard on my PC, and from there to the bedroom. Unfortunately, this indirect method results in a delay, which is noticeable and annoying if I run the music in both the living room and bedroom simultaneously, as I usually do. I think this system would make the feed to the bedroom more direct and eliminate any (noticeable) delay.


  7. I need the Rocketfish Wireless Speaker Kit because my wife will not let me have a surround sound system without it. I bought a Samsung 56′ DLP television in December 2005 with the plan to buy a surround sound system shortly after that. When I explained to my wife I would have to run the rear speaker wires under the carpet or through the walls, she stopped all activity.

    Since then (with only the use of the TV speakers), I researched wireless rear speakers. During this period my wife stated if I could find an acceptable quality wireless option I could buy the surround sound system. In my research over the past 19 months, I could find no good reviews of wireless rear speakers.

    I only recently read reviews such as yours about the Rocketfish Wireless Speaker Kit and know that this is my destiny. If you choose me to receive and use your Rocketfish Kit, my life will be complete (and in 5.1 surround sound).

    Thank you for your consideration.

  8. First of all, I’ve been looking for a wireless speaker system for my surround for sometime, and have not been able to find one that suits my system perfectly.

    2ndly, I recently came across your web site and find it extremely informative on the latest AVS equipment. I don’t buy often, so I try to be picky and get real reviews on products, rather than the manufacturer’s spin on the matter.

    Third, AND MOST IMPORTANT: My living home is a huge room that has a fireplace in it. The problem with the fireplace wall is: ITS ALL BRICK!! from the floor to the ceiling! I have looked at running wires down the grout paths of the bricks, or installing speakers in the ceiling, but that just doesnt give the proper sound for Surround, IMO. Therefore, I could use a wireless speaker system that I could move around easily and not have to worry about wires. I would love to win the pair, but based on your review of them, I will probably buy a pair to try them. You mentioned there was still some wires that show, but I may be able to hide those well enough.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy them as you did!

    Darrell Vandergrifft
  9. Brick walls and slab floor, open beam ceiling, dog that likes wires.
    really nothing more to say.
    wireless is the only option. Help

    Oh, HOW……
    Back wall has power and will build an indirect lighting box to hide wires from wireless amp to rear speakers.
    Sony de-997 7.1, intermittent 5.1 now depending on dog’s mood.
    ancient jbl’s , kenwood and carver speakers, plan on the carvers for the rocket fish and the 23rd is my birthday

  10. I would like the Rocketfish Wireless Surround System because the best wireless surround system is a free wireless surround system! Also, the previous owner of my house, which was built in 1999 when surround sound was just gaining popularity… wait, that was 1989… didn’t wire it for surround and now there is no convenient way to get the wires where they need to be. Last, from what I have been told, I need to experience “Lost” in surround and since this has never happened. All can ask is… help!

  11. I need the Rocketfish Wireless Surround System for the same reason everyone needs this! No more wires! I have an open living room and my wife won’t let me use the rear speakers because it causes an “ugly” site. Help!!!

  12. Who needs wires, when you can go wireless! If I only had $1000 to pay an electrician to hide the wires for my rear channel speakers. That’s what he quoted me. Doesn’t everyone wish they had that money to spend just to have their dream surround sound set-up. Seriously, going wireless is my only option. I just moved, and with my last set-up, I ran wires using plastic conduit to hide the wires. Boy were they a sight for sore eyes. Winning the Rocketfish wireless kit would really make my day!

  13. I just recently bought a new TV .. finally upgraded from CRT to LCD. It’s awesome! Unfortunately I can’t ignore the fact that my rear speakers aren’t hooked up anymore. I moved into a new place with hardwood floors about 18 months ago, and with no way to run the wires to the rear speakers without people tripping on them, they’ve been sitting there useless, taunting and mocking me the whole time. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I even hear them crying.

    I knew there had to be a wireless option, and with some help from the internet, I found what would be my speakers new best friend, the Rocketfish. Please, help a speaker in need. Don’t let them be alone anymore!

    On top of that, it would give my cat less wires to chew through!! 😐 He’s already eying the HDMI cable to my laptop.

  14. Thanks to all who responded! The contest is now complete and I’ll be contacting the winner later this afternoon. I’ll post final details soon.

  15. We are newly weds, and just bought a new appartment from our savings. We also bought a hometheater system 5.1 setting with two surround speakers. Unfortunately our appartment did not come with possible wiring for the surround speakers. The Rocketfish will be an excellent solution to our problem, since running wires is not a practical solution for the room, and running inwall wires is not a possibility for us in our current economical status. The Rocketfish will enable us to enjoy homecinema with no compromise on sound/speaker quality. Think of it as our newly-wed present.

  16. This system has a lot going for it. But I don’t need it for a surround system. Got that. Now I’m trying to get music into the other rooms of the house without pulling wires and drilling through joists. I’d like just one central system to run the music. What I want to know is if I could get two receivers to work with the transmitter. Or three. The reviews indicate that this is a digital uncompressed signal. The question is whether there is any “handshaking” going on. In other words, does the receiver transmit back to the transmitter a message that it is working? If so, then adding more receivers won’t work. If not, I don’t see a problem with adding more receivers. The cost is low enough that I’m willing to stick the extra transmitters in a box as a backup in case of failure. Anybody out there know?

  17. We had our home built about 5 years ago; and we splurged to get the builder to leave an opening under our staircase in order to build a cabinet for as big a tv as would fit. The good news was that we perfectly fit a beautiful 65″ Sony projection tv in the space.

    The bad news is that the speaker wires that we ran during the construction of our home from the tv area to the back wall of the room we’re left exposed on the tv side; however, on the rear wall, they were not. I have crawled through the attic, drilled, patched, and repainted several holes in the wall to attempt to find those speaker wires, but have not had any luck.

    We have a very nice Wharfedale surround system; however, we had to unhook the rear speaker due to the fact that my youngest kid (4 now), can’t stop tripping over the wires, not to mention, that my wife (and I) can’t stand the sight of the wires especially knowing that they are also somewhere in the wall right behind our heads! This Rocketfish device would really help our family of 6 to be able to enjoy movies again without the problem of running wires across our family room right in front of our bedroom door.

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