1. Cool. I’ve been eyeballing this system since I have no convenient way to run rear speakers in my living room without running wires into the attic. This sounds like a good alternative.

  2. yea i just bought the rear speaker kit and for some reason it stoped playing when i first hooked it up the sound was quiet didnt really hear much and after a while they just stoped working kinda sucks spending 99 dollars on it and it doesnt work can you give me some feed back on if i should try something with it or a new product intirely

  3. Did you try hitting the connect buttons on both units? Do the lights come on for both units? If you tried this and it still doesn’t work, return it under warranty.

  4. i have lots of problem trying hook up and the system just dunn work at all. The audio breaks are so often.
    It is not worth the money and effort.

  5. After installing the Rocketfish, I noticed that my home wireless network, a Lynksys Wireless-G 2.4 GHz, runs a lot slower than it used to, half speed or sometimes less and it’s about 60 feet away from the Rocketfish. My AT&T phone system works fine on 5.8 GHz.
    Is there a wireless speaker system that will not interfere with these two products?
    If I run wires through the attic instead of using wireless, 50 foot wires will be needed…would this require something to boost the signal on the other end?

  6. Wires are always better than wireless in my opinion. For a 50′ run of speaker wire, there would be no reason to boost the signal at the other end; just hook the wires up like normal speaker wires.

    You might try going into the config page of your Linksys wireless router and changing the channel it is is using. 802.11 b/g has 14 different channels, ranging from 2.142 GHz to 2.484 GHz. Hopefully one of these will eliminate the interference.

  7. I too get the popping sound fairly frequently, and a slight humming from the unit. Well, I WAS having those issues…

    Tomorrow would be the last day of week 3 since I got this unit. And it’s dead already…. The receiver just wont power up. Worked fine last night, no one home all day, dead when went to use it tonight.

    Not a bad sounding product, going to return it though and get something of a higher quality.

  8. I really like the device except I get a constant hiss (not a hum) through the wireless speakers. It isn’t too noticeable when there is a lot of sound coming out but sounds pretty bad when all or most of the sound is coming from the front 3 speakers. This apprears to be a problem other owners have had based on my internet searches. Any solutions would be appreciated.

  9. This is a pretty cool gadget. but it would even better if the reciever pushed to a pair of wireless speakers. with the same plugs for regular speaker wires on the transmitter. that would be even more simple and it would actuall be wireless then. lol anyone find something liks this?

  10. I concur overall with this review, including the occasional popping noise (although I perceive mine to be less often than 30 minutes, perhaps every few hours).

    I do not encounter the power problem. My transmitter is plugged into the wall for power, any my receiver goes into standby mode when not in use. The transmitter seems to be constantly powered. When there is a power outage, of course, I do need to manually re-boot/re-power the receiver.

    1. Very different power behavior than Carlton’s unit. Does the receiver automatically go out of standby when the transmitter has an audio signal? I don’t want to have to remember to turn on the rear speakers every time I go to watch a movie or program.

  11. Couldn’t figure out what had happened to our wireless sound system and then I googled and looked at this article. Saw what to do after a power outage, which we had had, and I fixed it. Thanks for your unknowing help. Carol

  12. Hello and thanks!

    You foresaw quite well my actual
    Issue: I built a wireless sound system with a combination of Bose wireless portable speakers attached to rocketfish transmitters and receivers. The idea was to have sound on different areas of my home, all at about the same db levels and controlled remotely via ir controls. It works! Music source is an iPod “plugged” on the portable Bose and (the iPod) connected to the transmitting Rocketfish.

    I have two types of receivers ( rocketfish), non-amplifiers and amplifiers as well for the standard speakers that I’ve own since the 80’s!!

    It works!

    So far so good…

    Now I discovered Sonos…

    Ahhh… Totally different way of ambience sound…
    So now, I want to have Sonos as the sound source and have the rest of the described system to be attached to the Sonos…

    So, how could I connect a Rocketfish transmitter either to the Bridge ( by Sonos) or to the Sonos 100 that I have currently installed at home?

    I’ll have to put some curiosity on this…

  13. I got this rocketfish wireless kit AND it is constantly popping and crackling…MAKE IT STOP!!! any suggestion?

    1. Author

      Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions. I don’t think they chose the right technology and the poor sound quality is part of the package.

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