Television Shows – Fall 2007 Up-Fronts Impressions

It’s hard to say which new Fall 2007 shows will be worth watching based on the brief descriptions that are given. That’s why I set my TiVo to record new episodes of shows containing the keyword “Pilot” and give many of them a chance. However, I probably will manually record a few shows to make sure I give them a chance.

NBC: Check out videos and descriptions of the new NBC Fall 2007 shows

  • Journeyman – It’s airing after Heroes and looks like Quantum Leap with an edge. There are a bunch of clips, but I don’t feel compelled by any of them.
  • Bionic Woman – Very interesting. Not at all how I imagined it being recreated, and that is a positive. I’m definitely watching the first few episodes of this one.
  • Chuck: Hot women going crazy over a BestBuy GeekSquad member. Silly but not terrible.
  • Life: A cop that served time. Is it a comedy or a drama? All the zen commentary is gonna get old. But it is different than any other cop show. If House were a cop show, this would be it. But it doesn’t appear to be as interesting.
  • Heroes: Origins is an obvious addition for anyone currently watching Heroes; it’s the same show.


  • Moonlight (a Vampire Detective, CBS) look interesting enough to watch one episode. But really, what vampire show doesn’t star a “good” vampire. Really, come up with something new. Like a Vampire drug dealer who is also a doctor.

ABC: Check out videos and descriptions of the new ABC Fall 2007 shows

  • Big Shots: Entourage meets Sex and the City — the cast is reason enough to take a chance on it.
  • Cavemen: Are you kidding me? The Gieko commercial is a TV show? OK, I get it, the Cavemen are a symbol of racial prejudices. Is that supposed to make me laugh? For an entire season? I don’t think so.
  • Carpoolers: I think I’ve already seen this show. It’s called The Office. Or a movie: Office Space Jerry O’Connell is likable and all, but not enough to watch the show.
  • Pushing Daisies: He touches dead people and they come back to life so he can solve murders, but it seems to be quirky and upbeat. It looks mildly interesting in the 30 second clip but it’s the great reviews that have me interested.
  • Dirty Sexy Money: I couldn’t even watch 30 seconds of it. Instant cancellation.
  • Eli Stone: The show description is boring, but the 30 second spot is hilarious. If the rest of the show is that funny, it would be worth watching, but I don’t think the spot is representative.
  • Cashmere Mafia: First there was Sex and the City, then Desperate House Wives, now the re-hashes begin. No interest.
  • Womens Murder Club: It’s like Law & Order, but with a bunch of hot women. What could be wrong with that?
  • Miss Guided: Judy Greer is the perfect lead for this show but it looks too quirky and not all that funny.

Checkout all the latest Fall 2007 news on TV

I’ll have to wait until Fall 2007 to pass judgment. Unless the new member of our household demands too much time, and then I won’t be watching any of them!

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